Bungie revealed massive changes that will be coming to Destiny 2, as the studio looks to address the many concerns that players have with the futuristic shooter.

The developer cancelled the last of three Curse of Osiris streams so that it could instead deliver "higher priority information" regarding Destiny 2. It remains to be seen, however, whether the planned updates will be enough to bring back players to the game and attract new ones.

Massive 'Destiny 2' Changes Incoming In December

Bungie, in a lengthy blog post, detailed the long list of changes that will be coming soon to Destiny 2. Some of the changes will arrive on Dec. 5 alongside the Curse of Osiris launch, some will roll out a week later on Dec. 12, and some will be released next year.

On Dec. 5, players will be given the ability to purchase legendary engrams using shards. The mod system will also be revamped, with players to be allowed to dismantle any rare mod into Gunsmith materials with the chance to acquire legendary mod components. Players can also start buying legendary mods from the Gunsmith.

Bungie will also introduce armor ornaments, which will function like exotic weapon ornaments. They are not consumable items like Destiny 2 armor shaders, and players will need to complete certain objectives to unlock them.

On Dec. 12, Destiny 2 will bring back the Three of Coins item, from the Taken King expansion of the first Destiny that increases the chance of receiving exotics for four hours. A new item named the Fated Engram will also be sold for 97 shards, but it might be worth it as it will turn into an exotic item which is not yet owned by players.

One of the most significant additions are Masterworks, a new system for weapons that grants random benefits to make each one unique and possibly rarer and more powerful compared to the same weapon held by other players. There will be a way for players to unlock variable perks for certain weapons, and the ability the transform a standard weapon into a Masterworks weapon.

'Destiny 2' Plans For 2018

Bungie also stated its plans for Destiny 2 next year, including private matches and ranked PvP games. The former was already known to be an upcoming feature, but the latter is a surprise. PvP matches are one of the most requested features by hardcore Destiny players.

Bungie will also make further changes to the controversial Destiny 2 XP system to make leveling faster for some activities.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Bungie promised that it will improve the lines of communication between the studio and Destiny 2 players, which is one of the biggest complaints against the game.

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