Amazon Prime Video Is The tvOS App That Had The Most First-Week Downloads Ever


Following its Dec. 6 debut on tvOS, the Amazon Prime Video app made history as the most downloaded application ever during its initial week.

The record-breaking feat further highlighted the renewed business relationship between Apple and Amazon, which resulted to the latter selling the Apple TV and the former returning to Apple's ecosystem. More importantly, the welcome development is proving mutually beneficial to their users.

"Prime Video has been a hit with Apple TV customers around the world — it had the most first-week downloads of any app in the history of tvOS," Amazon said in a furnished statement.

Massive Download Figures

The exact download numbers, however, for Prime Video were not provided by both Amazon and Apple. To date, the tech firms have held off in issuing the supporting data to show how exactly Amazon's TV viewing app has become popular with Apple TV users.

The latest Amazon Prime statistics should offer a clue to possibly answer the question. In the United States alone, Prime subscribers have reportedly reached around 90 million as of last check. In the global level, Amazon has estimated that more than 60 percent of its regular users are on the Prime channel.

In addition, online analytic firm App Annie has indicated in a report that Prime Video attracted large amounts of interest following its reentry to Apple's system of products and services. The firm said Prime Video saw a spike of 45 percent in weekly downloads globally.

"Globally, Amazon Prime Video saw its largest week of iOS downloads ever during the week of December 3rd through 9th, 2017 seeing well over 550,000 iOS downloads," App Annie reported, adding that customers from the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom made Amazon Prime Video app an instant download hit.

Apple And Amazon Users Emerged As Winners

If anything, TV fans greeted with glee the Apple-Amazon partnership, which effectively ended the two companies' fierce rivalry in the past. With the development, the customers ended up as the winner, as they can enjoy offerings found on the two platforms.

For their part, Apple and Amazon will only be too happy to cash in on the financial benefits that the crossover collaboration stands to bring. Soon enough, more big players will want to get a piece of the action such as Google making the Chromecast available via Amazon. Previously, such a gesture from Google is unheard of.

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