A new update is currently rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, bringing the Android security patch for the month of December.

The Galaxy Note 5 may be older, but it still packs a punch and Samsung has not forgotten about it although it now has a new Galaxy Note 8 on the market. The company did not launch a Galaxy Note 6, and the exploding Galaxy Note 7 is off the market after two recalls, so the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Note 8 are the frontrunners for the lineup.

Galaxy Note 5 Security Update

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is now getting an update with build number NRD90M.N920GDDS3CQL4, weighing just 17 MB. The update comes with the December security patch but other than security fixes, it doesn't include anything else. This means that other software improvements or bug fixes are not in the mix.

Nevertheless, Galaxy Note 5 owners are advised to download and install the update as soon as it becomes available so that their device is up to date. Google issues monthly Android security patches to ensure that Android devices are always protected against the latest threats.

Galaxy Note 5 OTA Rolling Out

The update is rolling out over the air to Galaxy Note 5 units, and OTA updates are always rolling out in stages so that they don't overload the servers. This means that it might take a bit for the gradual release to reach all devices, but the update is nonetheless en route.

Once the update becomes available to install, Galaxy Note 5 owners will get a notification prompting them to update their device. Those who have yet to receive the notification and don't want to wait around for the OTA can also manually check for the update's availability by accessing the smartphone's Settings > About device > Software update > Download updates manually.

As always, before proceeding with the update, it's recommended to ensure that the device is connected to a reliable internet connection, preferably Wi-Fi since cellular data might incur extra costs. At the same time, users should also ensure that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has at least 50 percent battery life left before proceeding with the update so that the process goes smoothly and without interruptions.

Since it's a small package without many features, the update should not take long to install. Once it's done, the Galaxy Note 5 will be up-to-date in terms of security and protection against the latest known threats.

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