Holiday Cheer: High School Kids Gift Student New Nintendo 3DS After His Was Stolen


A group of California students was filled with the holiday spirit as a beautiful moment was captured between them.

Piper Stowe, student, shared a video of the moment when she and her Antioch High School classmates gave a fellow student a new Nintendo 3DS after his console was stolen.

Stolen 3DS

The young boy, Sean Hawkins, revealed that the 3DS console was a gift from a loved one and wanted help with its return. Hawkins used the school's whiteboard to explain that his grandmother had purchased the item for him and pleaded with his classmates for its return.

A few students were touched by the emotional plea and decided to take matters into their own hands. Stowe and her friend Shawna Cantiliano chose to raise money to buy their classmate a replacement console. The two girls were able to raise more than $200 and chose to give their friend the gift in front of the entire class.

Cantiliano and Stowe snuck into the student's class, made a short and beautiful speech, and surprised him with the new console. She said she couldn't have done it without the help of her peers and history teacher, who helped her organize the surprise.

Hawkins is seen in the video embracing his new friends and thanking them as he broke down in tears. He kisses Stowe on the cheek and calls her an angel from god. Reports say Sean is an avid gamer and has ambitions to work for Nintendo when he is older.

"Shawn, I think, found out that people care about and are looking out for him," Louie Rocha, who is the principal of Antioch High School, said. "And for Shawna and Piper, I think the rewards of giving were pretty special as well."

What Was Going Through The Student's Minds

NBC news was able to speak to one of the student to learn why they decided to act in such a thoughtful manner.

"I felt bad when I saw the whiteboard," Cantiliano told NBC. "I thought, I always see that kid playing on his DS, just ignoring all of his bullies and in his own little world. I just wanted to help."

"I wanted to give him a little hope in humanity," Cantiliano continued. "Basically, none of my siblings have had ideal high school experiences. I saw myself and my family in him, and I felt like if someone ever did something like that for me, it might give me the hope that I need to continue. I just wanted him to not give up."

Check out the emotional video below:

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