Galaxy Note 8's OIS Trounces The Competition: iPhone X, Pixel 2, And Mate 10 Pro Can't Compare


In the mobile photography competition, Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 has something to blow its rivals out of the water: possibly the best optical image stabilization or OIS out there.

At that, the iPhone X, Pixel 2, and Mate 10 Pro all couldn't hold a candle to it, and it's evidenced by two new videos making the rounds online.

Galaxy Note 8 Shows Who's Boss

Evan Rodgers of Engadget got to the bottom of things, finding out that the Galaxy Note 8's OIS is a cut above the rest.

First off, there's the 4K stabilization test video where he's walking with the four smartphones in question and heading toward the subway entrance.

The differences in performance aren't much here, but they're still somewhat noticeable, particularly the shaky Mate 10 Pro.

Rodgers then followed this up with another clip via Twitter, and this time, he was riding the subway. In other words, he took things to the next level in a wobbly environment.

As everyone can see in the footage above, all three of them — the Pixel 2, the iPhone X, and the Mate 10 pro — clearly pale in comparison to the Galaxy Note 8 in this test.

In the clips the trio captured, it seems almost as if an earthquake is going on, while in the Galaxy Note 8's case, there is little or no movement at all.

Long story short, the Galaxy Note 8 could be the best phone out there when it comes to recording videos in shaky conditions.

Galaxy Note 8 Recap

The Galaxy Note 8 is arguably one of the best phones among the current brood, and that's thanks to its 6.3-inch Super AMOLED Infinity Display that pushes out a 1,440 x 2,960 resolution, Snapdragon 835 that's paired with 6 GB of RAM under the hood, and IP68 certification.

Going by the standards of Consumer Reports, it's a step ahead of the iPhone X, which is considered to be its biggest rival. However, it lags behind its competitor in DxOMark's tests, scoring a 94 rating as opposed to 97.

However, all those features and prowess come at a price — $950, to be exact. The same goes for the $999 iPhone X too. In a word, most flagships nowadays are expensive.

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