Wikipedia Adds Black Mode Feature Catered To iPhone X In Latest iOS Update


The informative Wikipedia app has received a new update that looks to be catered to Apple's latest device, the iPhone X.

Wikipedia is the latest app to join in on adding support solely to the iPhone X. While users are able to use the new features on other iOS devices, the new black mode takes full advantage of the iPhone X's OLED display.

What's New In The Wikipedia Update

The true black theme has been specifically developed with the OLED display in mind. Not only does the true black theme look great on the iPhone's screen, it is also a potential energy saver. Black pixels in an OLED panel basically switch off and consume less power. This means that when users use the Wikipedia app, it won't suck up as much energy as other apps on the device. 

The 5.7.3 update not only features the black reading theme but also loads faster article and uses fewer data. Furthermore, the app details read that images are only downloaded when they're about to be displayed or saved. And users now have the option to have info boxes open by default.

Other Apps That Have Supported The iPhone X

Wikipedia isn't the only app on the market adding features catered to the new iPhone. Popular apps like Twitterrific and Bear Notes have added similar features in the last few weeks.

The Twitterrific app added several improvements to its 5.18 update including an additional dark visual theme and tweet poll detection. Bear Notes 1.4 update added features such as autocompleting tags, autocompleting notes, and an update for the Apple Watch; however, the biggest update was the themes Bear Note added, which featured one named Dieci that catered to the iPhone X and used the deep blacks on the OLED screen to create the dark theme.

A true black tone display is something many iPhone users have wanted since the device's inception, but Apple has yet to add it as a feature. For many, the closest thing to it is the Smart Invert feature, but that's not always the best option. Now, with so many apps dedicating a dark tone feature to iOS, perhaps Apple will take note and add it to the next iOS update. 

Until that time if users want a true black tone display, they can download the Wikipedia app, Bear Note or Twitterrific.

All three apps are available for a free download on the Apple App Store.

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