Karma Black Allows For Anonymous Internet Usage On The Go


Activities on the web such as the last location, frequently visited places, buying habits, personal interests are sometimes tracked and sold to companies.

Knowing these details allowed retail stores to tailor their inventory to the specific needs of consumers and maximize their revenues. Collecting data online also makes it easier for internet providers to control the websites their users have access to. That's how the Net Neutrality agreements are violated. As a solution, Karma Mobility launched its new product, Karma Black.

Karma Black dispenses LTE data, it is an internet router for mobile users. While there are a few devices on the market already offering the same service, this router helps the user become invisible to all the companies that track data online. In other words, browsers won't be able to track the users' locations or search history and Facebook won't be able to tell which advertisement to show on its members' page. Internet users will freely access any information without the interference of their internet providers.

Shipping starts Jan. 15, 2018, the device costs $149 if pre-ordered and $249 if ordered after the said date. In addition, the company will be charging a $19.95 setup fee. Then there are tiered data prices, a $3 per month plus $10 per GB is the cheapest plan. The price of the device could be a turn off for those who don't mind the issues around Net Neutrality, especially if there is a free software that might be able to provide as much protection against the Web trackers. However, for those who can't stand that their access to some websites is being restrained and their web-surfing habits are being marketed, Karma Black could be the perfect solution.

Even though Karma Black is a hotspot device, it can also be used as a Wi-Fi bridge. Karma mobility is also considering adding features such as antivirus protection, parental control, and ad blocking. The launch of this device appears to happen at the right time. If the company can follow up on those new features, it might even be possible to block hackers from accessing users' computers or cameras.

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