PUBG for the PC finally graduated from early access last week. A new patch for version 1.0 was recently released to fix its reported problems.

Many gamers were skeptical when Bluehole, Inc., the game's developer, announced that the Battle Royale shooter will be released before 2018. The PC copy of the title was released back in March and continued to be classified as a beta until early December.

The Xbox One version launched on Dec. 12, 2017, and is still under Microsoft's Game Preview service until further notice. The PC update targets issues like rubberbanding, replay system bugs, and others.

New Content

Now that PUBG has officially been launched on the PC, gamers now have access to more content from when it was in its beta. Miramar, a new desert map, is now available together with new weapons, vehicles, and the new climbing system.

Normally, all of these new features should keep players happy, but performance problems and server-side errors are notably there. The patch is hopefully able to correct most of its launch issues.

Problems Encountered

Bluehole, Inc. listed some of the bugs that should be removed with its latest patch for PUBG on the PC. The world selection ratio that determines the map has been tweaked to equally choose between Miramar and Erangel.

A flaw in the shooter's replay system unintentionally allowed players to spot and share the opponent's position with their teammates. The patch fixes this by activating the replay segment three minutes after player death.

Other errors that will be fixed by the patch include sudden game crashes, collision problems, map markers not showing up, fall damage modifier, and unable to earn BP.

Developer Acknowledges Issues

During an interview, Brendan Greene, PUBG creator, admits that version 1.0 still has its flaws. The development team is somewhat satisfied since it finally left beta.

However, the developers know that even though the basic features are included, the title still requires some tweaks and adjustments here and there.

"It does have problems," Greene stated. "There are crashes still. There's some rubberbanding. But these are problems we're working to fix. It's a marathon for us."

Incoming Features In 2018

Knowing that the game developer is planning to deliver more features is a definitely a good thing. Greene shared other possible content like character leveling, ranked game modes, and more cosmetic items.

His team is dedicated to iron out all of the current and future issues in PUBG for both PC and Xbox One. This seems indicative that Bluehole, Inc. intends to polish the competitive quality of the shooter and hopefully take it to a level that it could be considered as eSports ready.

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