The popular media player previously known as XBMC is finally available for the Xbox One. However, Europe gets to download Kodi first for now.

Sources confirmed that European users of Microsoft's gaming console now have access to the app. It is currently unknown when the North American availability for the media control program will start. Users are advised to check with the marketplace regularly to verify if it is ready to download.

Features Galore

Unlike the last two Sony consoles, Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Xbox One are both capable of becoming multimedia control centers. Users who know their way around the application can organize their collection of movies, music, and streaming services for both within one interface

The app natively comes with DVR and live TV functionality, which makes it a versatile option for media consumption.

Problems With Piracy

Unfortunately, the Kodi app has become synonymous with piracy, courtesy of unlicensed plugins that allow users to unofficially stream movies, sports broadcasts, television shows, and more. Some of the third-party plugins even allow adult content, which is frowned upon by the manufacturer of the game system.

Moreover, other third-party plugin settings even permit users to download some of the content into their local storage for offline playback.

Its ease-of-use and compatibility with most operating systems allow it to be installed on Android-based Smart TVs, HDMI dongles like the Amazon Fire TV stick, Windows-based media centers, and more.

Due to the nature of its legality, most users protect their networks via VPN to keep existing connections anonymous for obvious reasons.

Added Functionality For The Xbox One

Users who prefer to use Kodi within its official guidelines can turn their Xbox One into a TV DVR. Its availability is currently considered a soft-launch but some users confirmed that it likewise supports all the bells and whistles of the original software.

Once installed, users can follow the same steps as the other platform versions to set up their media library on their Xbox One.

Going Back To Its Roots

Kodi's recent availability for the Xbox One continues its legacy from the first Microsoft game system. Back then, the program only ran on hacked first-generation Xbox consoles, which was considered by many as a mid-range PC with a top-tier GPU.

Even though the Redmond-based firm sold each unit at a loss, its popularity allowed the company to establish its presence among the likes of Nintendo and Sony.

Now that Kodi is slowly being released worldwide for the Xbox One and Xbox One X, the media player appears to have revisited its origins.

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