Vimeo is the latest platform to offer videos in 4K, following the likes of Amazon Prime, Netflix, and YouTube. Vimeo Pro users can now upload their own independent films and landscape videos in authentic 4K resolution to the service. This would then become downloadable by anyone.

Users can also offer their 4K videos as paid downloads when they upload them to Vimeo On Demand.

Vimeo does not offer access to streamed content just yet since there aren't enough compatible devices that can handle ultra high definition videos. This means that while the company offers 4K videos, they are only available as downloadable content and not as streamed content.

"It's pretty early for streaming," said Vimeo CTO Andrew Pile.

Streaming in 4K would need 4K playback supported displays. Currently, there is only a handful of televisions that provide such support. While compatible desktop monitors are available, their mainstream adoption is hampered by their high price tag.

Pile hopes that the streaming feature will soon be available; he added that the new 5K iMac may just provide the opportunity to make it possible.

"The new iMac is going to be a turning point," added Pile.

Vimeo also noticed that there is a growing number of users who are sourcing their content using their mobile devices. As a result, the company decided to update its mobile site as a move to earn more engaged and involved users.

For users who are keen on finding the most varied selection of 4K content, they need to check out Vimeo on Demand (VOM) where most offerings can be found.

Filmmakers upload 4K videos to the service, which are then transcoded by Vimeo into lower resolution. Much of the high-resolution contents are shot with Red cameras. Titles available on VOM include The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz and You Laugh But It's True, which is a standup special of Trevor Noah, The Daily Show correspondent.

The new option for a higher quality video download was first offered by Vimeo for the titles A Film About Coffee and Video Game High School Season 3. Both titles performed well in terms of the number of downloads.

Vimeo said users can expect to enjoy the service's 4K streaming option in the near future as it will make it happen. In the meantime, it is offered as a nice perk to its Pro users.

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