Nintendo Direct January 2018: Broadcast Date Leaks Plus What To Expect


Back in November, an Electronic Arts document leaked, revealing Nintendo will bring in a massive Nintendo Direct broadcast in January. With the month here, gamers are highly anticipating the livestream event.

Previously, it was reported Jan. 3 would be the Nintendo Direct broadcast date, but the company has yet to reveal any news regarding any event. Now one ResetEra user thinks he has found the date.

John Harker's original claims were backed by Emily Rogers, also known as ArcadeGirl64. According to the users, their "verified" info states the first Nintendo Direct of the year will be held on Thursday, Jan. 11.

There seems to be some validity to the users' statement, but we can't be sure of the news until Nintendo confirms the date themselves.

What To Expect

The EA leak only revealed information regarding what the company is working on, but the existence of Nintendo Direct has led many to speculate what Nintendo will reveal.

Many fans are hoping to finally see some virtual console news. Fans are also hoping for news regarding the new Nintendo Switch Pokémon game that keeps making its rounds in the rumor mill.

Meanwhile, another leak from Amazon has led many gamers to believe Nintendo is planning to announce 18 different games during the broadcast..

The placeholders ranged in prices and dates, from normal retail prices up to $99.99. They have been taken down, but this does give gamers an insight into what to expect from the Nintendo Direct broadcast. The page was also said to include the message "announced at the Switch event," meaning something could be coming soon.

The EA Leak

Back in November a leaked EA memo gave Nintendo fans some hope that they'd be seeing more in store for the Switch console.

The EA memo spoke of a Nintendo Direct coming in January, as well as the Fe title arriving to the Nintendo hybrid console. There were talks about Pokémon making its way to the console as well.

Some of the high points of memo included the reveal of an upcoming Switch trailer for Fe, a hands-on preview, an in-depth interview with developers, and a February 2018 release date.

Fe is an action adventure game that feels similar to The Legend of Zelda. The game has received high praise and is expected to work fantastically with the Switch's unique controls.

The game follows Fe, a fox-like creature in a forest that is highly responsive to the songs of the creatures and plants within it. Players can climb, glide, and dig through a dark forest and explore its ecosystem.

Fe is slated for an early 2018 release for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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