As Destiny 2 continues to lose players due to Bungie's gameplay changes both intentional and unintended, one player recreates the "Infinite Forest" based on feedback.

After a series of issues and mistakes post-launch of the science-fiction shooter, even their most loyal fans have started to abandon the game world in a series of supposedly self-imposed strikes to boycott the sequel.

Despite the game studio's recent apology and promise to fix its flaws, players continue to encounter problems with the endgame activities and its latest DLC expansion's replay value

They Could Have Done Better

Due to a large number of unhappy players and complaints posted on the sequel's official forums, Bungie tried to appease its fans with new gameplay elements instead. After a series of updates, some gameplay mechanics were tweaked. Some vendors are now able to sell items in exchange for legendary shards, an in-game currency, which players had a surplus of before the Curse of Osiris DLC.

Then followed "The Dawning" in-game festival, wherein players could have enjoyed grinding for exclusive gear tied to the event. Likewise, gamers complained that most of the exclusive items were hidden behind the Eververse marketplace, where real money was required to purchase engrams that randomly contained the items

Infinite Possibilities Wasted

The "Infinite Forest" was originally promoted as an endgame activity that offers a different experience each time due to its semi-procedurally-generated maps. However, a lot of fans were disappointed when the feature was deemed boring and could be quickly completed.

Instead of handing players the option to continue further into the new supposedly never-ending map, the game automatically kicks out the participants unceremoniously. Destiny 2 players expected a grinding mission that should have lasted longer with more variety but got this instead.

Suggested Changes

Pheonise, a YouTuber and Destiny 2 enthusiast, shared a video clip that points out the flaws of the Bungie's current build. Afterward, he presents a basic 3D map, which is a mockup of the aforementioned build being used by the game.

He then explains that changes were made to give players an option to continue on to another path of procedurally-generated areas, which end with another boss battle. Otherwise, gamers can opt to return to orbit in order to exit the activity.

Expectations Were Not Met

Destiny 2 players presumably thought that the "Infinite Forest" would allow Guardians to access the location directly from the Director. Furthermore, as its name implies, the activity was speculated to be a sort of unending procedurally-generated battle against increasingly difficult enemies, wherein a boss section would come up and eventually drop exclusive loot upon its defeat.

Sadly, what players got was a tiny map set in the planet Mercury and a limited mission-based access to the aforementioned location.

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