Getting customer feedback is vital in product improvement. Whether they are testing new features or fixing an existing problem, companies want to know how their products are doing.

Google may be taking it a step too far. A user of a Pixel 2 XL reported that he recently received a survey appearing in the phone settings of his device.

One-Minute Survey

Google's recent foray into the hardware world is making the company want to take note of their progress by prompting questions for its phone users to answer.

Andrew Martonik of Android Central shared that he first saw a notification through his Pixel 2 XL settings.

At the bottom right-hand corner of his screen, a pop-up appeared saying "Help improve Pixel: 1 minute survey." Then, selecting the "take our survey" button presented him with a series of questions.

The survey was optional but he chose to participate in it.

Google's survey never took him away from the settings page. Instead, the survey all appeared on the same screen. Questions that were asked included: "Overall, how satisfied are you with this phone?," "When did you start using Pixel 2 phone?," and "Before getting your Pixel, which company made your previous phone?"

At the end of the survey, a box was presented for comments that would be sent to Google.

Some users in the comments section mentioned that they also received the survey. A couple said they also received the survey on the first Pixel.

Not The First Time

A quick search of the surveys regarding Pixel phones on Google reveals that this is not the first time that Google used surveys to get user feedback. On the Google Pixel Reddit, a thread from several months ago shows what Google was doing back during the release of the first Pixel.

It featured some of the same questions such as, "how satisfied are you with this phone?" and more specific questions regarding the phone's Bluetooth connection.

Some users, for instance, raised issues with the Bluetooth capability of their phones. Partial fixes were introduced with the update to Oreo but the issues still persisted for certain users.

While the matter seems to be more prevalent among original Pixel users, some Pixel 2 phones are having problems with Bluetooth connection as well. Pixel users continue to experience issues and Google has only promised fixes sometime in the future.

Users continue to report problems in the Pixel User Community forum as of this story.

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