Special Edition ‘Monster Hunter: World’ Starter Pack and DualShock Controller Announced, But You Can’t Buy It


The Monster Hunter: World marketing is in full swing as Capcom announces two Starter Packs and Dualshock 4 controller during the Japanese live stream.

With a few weeks to go before its worldwide release, the developer revealed that Japan will receive two PlayStation 4 bundles, which include a regular 500 GB PlayStation 4 Slim in either Jet Black or Glacier White colors. It's nothing special, however, compared to the PlayStation 4 Pro Monster Hunter: World Rathalos Edition that was released in Japan and Asia last month. The two bundles cost 35,980 yen each, or about $320.

Limited Edition Controller

While the special console packages a disappointing normal appearance, the special DualShock 4 controller seems to be worth collecting. In fact, it features the same design of the gamepad included in the abovementioned PlayStation 4 Pro bundle for the game. It will retail for 6,480 yen, which is roughly $60.

Unfortunately, just like the other products detailed above, it will be available for Japanese and Asian markets only.

Other Game-Themed Goodies

So far, all of the products previously mentioned above are manufactured by Sony with Capcom's IP license. However, given the immense popularity of Monster Hunter: World in Japan and its impending release, other brands took obviously want to cash in on the hype.

EPOS, a Japanese financial institution, in collaboration with Capcom, will offer Visa credit cards with two designs to choose from. One features a fully-geared Felyne companion and the other shows a Nergigante attacking a player. It will launch together with the game on Jan. 26, 2018.

Elecom, an electronics company based in Osaka, will offer two headsets and a keyboard controller for the PS4. The keyboard costs 2,080 yen or $20, the stereo headset model for 2,580 yen or $23 and the mono model for 1,580 yen, or $14.

The last one is a collaboration with Alook, an eyewear maker. The Monster Hunter: World model will reportedly feature an Elder Dragon theme supervised by Kaname Fujioka, the game's art director. Its expected to become available this summer.

Final Beta

Capcom wants to please its fans with a third beta scheduled before the game's launch date. The company confirmed that just like the first two, the final beta will showcase the same two environments and monsters. Moreover, as a bonus, players can take on the Nergigante.

The limited edition products like the Monster Hunter: World Rathalos Dualshock 4 controller is apparently offered in Japan only. Fans can always try their luck and import the accessory as long as stocks are still available.

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