Team-Xecuter Reveals Future-Proof Nintendo Switch Hack


Video game hardware manufacturers constantly update their console's firmware to prevent and remove existing exploits. However, Team-Xecuter teased a supposedly future-proof Nintendo Switch hack.

A group of hackers recently flaunted their kernel exploits intended for firmware 3.0.0 of the hybrid console. Meanwhile, Team-Xecuter reportedly hinted that they have something better than the competition.

"In the light of a recent presentation at the Chaos Communication Congress in Germany we've decided to come out of the woodwork and tease you all a bit with our latest upcoming product," said the group.

A Serious Matter

There have been past claims made by individuals about existing hacks that could allow consoles to play homebrew or even pirated software. Some of them turn out to be empty promises, which are quickly patched or discredited by other experts.

Nevertheless, given Team-Xecuter's history of exploits, their so-called "definite hack solution" should be taken seriously by Nintendo in order to protect the Nintendo Switch.

According to the hacker group, their exploit will work with any firmware version and cannot be patched out by a software update from the manufacturer.

The Start Of Piracy

If Team-Xecuter continues to develop and finalize their Nintendo Switch exploit, there is a real possibility that the console could lose its security measures and activate pirated games. Historically, the same group was responsible for the hardware mods that enabled illegal software to run on the original Xbox and Xbox 360.

Nintendo's new device relies on a Nvidia Tegra X1 and ARM Cortex CPU that are known to be susceptible to hacks like the ones detailed above.

Luckily, current-generation consoles like the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox ONE continue to be immune to any kind of attempted exploits.

History Of Hacked Hardware

Past exploits have targeted various systems manufactured by Nintendo and were mostly successful. The Wii and Wii U were both tweaked to fire up pirated games from an external storage device. The DS and 3DS portable consoles were likewise hacked to run copies of their games via a special cart or a software exploit.

Nintendo has a poor track record against hackers as indicated by the rampant software piracy of their older systems.

Last Year, notable hackers Derrek, Plutoo, and Naehrwert showcased a hack that required a copy of Pokken Tournament DX.

Taking Immediate Action

Nintendo is expected to take this seriously and come up with a possible patch that blocks the exploit soon. Just a few days ago, Team-Xecuter hinted via its official forums that it plans to release the future-proof hack around spring 2018.

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