Human Brains Have 'Wi-Fi' That Can Explain People's Gut Feelings


Our gut feelings allow us to "know" things, even if we can't explain where this information or judgment comes from.

This intuition, however, gives a sense of certainty when we make quick and sometimes important decisions such as avoiding a particular person or situation.

Human Brains Are Interconnected

Now, a leading professor from the University of Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England has suggested of a phenomenon that can explain why people have gut feelings. Clinical Professor of Psychotherapy Digby Tantum claimed that the human brain is interconnected to others through a type of Wi-Fi that allows people to pick up information about other people.

Gut Feelings And The Interbrain

Tatum said that because of the direct connection between people's brains, people are capable of directly knowing other people's emotions and what they pay attention to. He called this phenomenon "the interbrain."

The interbrain may help explain people's gut feeling. Tatum believes that the brain subconsciously absorbs information about other people.

Why Commuters Can't Maintain Eye Contact

People can also pick up subliminal information and Tatum said that this is why commuters have a hard time maintaining eye contact on a busy train. The presence of a large number of people can overload the brain with too much subliminal information.

The interbrain may also be the reason why laughter is infectious.

Brain Communication, Language, And Smell

Tantum thinks that language plays only a part in the way humans communicate and the brain is, in fact, the one that works hard to collect small signals that communicate a person's thoughts.

The professor wrote about his idea in a new book The Interbrain published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. He thinks that brain communication may occur as an inadvertent leak that is linked to smell.

"The area of the brain that is closest to the nose is the orbitofrontal cortex. It might be there because so many of our most basic connections to other people are via smell," Tatum said.

Dangers Of Using Electronic Forms Of Communications

Amid the popularity of using the internet and electronic devices to communicate, Tatum warned that electronic forms of communication such as video calls can interrupt the interbrain process and cause harm. He explained that face-to-face visual input comes with a gesture, sound, smell of sweat, possibility of touch, and a connection. He said that internet communication could be another reason why some people have become more complicated and introvert.

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