An anti-dairy billboard posted outside England's Notts County FC's stadium by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) was removed and replaced on Thursday after complaints that the ad was misogynistic and not family friendly.

The sexually suggestive advert featured the face of a women in what has been referred to as "the aftermath of a sex act" next to the slogan, "Some body fluids are bad for you."

Claiming that dairy could be harmful for your health, the advert concludes, "Don't swallow. Ditch dairy."

PETA removed the offensive ad a short 48 hours after putting it up, and plans to replace it with an advert about eating turkey for Christmas dinner.

"Despite this setback, we'll still be able to promote a message of compassion for animals with our replacement billboard, asking "if you wouldn't eat your dog, why eat a turkey," a spokesperson for PETA says.

Currently in its place at the junction of Meadow Lane and Iremonger Road is a billboard from advertising company Space Outdoors after the Advertising Standards Authorty (ASA) received nine complaints.

While the controversial ad was criticized for being in bad taste, the ad did get people talking. "What I will say is that outdoor advertising certainly works, just judging by the amount of interest generated because of this," says Space Outdoor's billboard manager Andrew Foster. "As we are a local company we have to take in the local picture and decided we would listen to the community on this one."

 "The billboard is a cheeky way to alert passers-by to the dangers of drinking cows' milk," says PETA director Mimi Bekhechi.

This is not the first time PETA has caused controversy over their "cheeky ads." In November PETA's "Scratch Wool From Your Shopping List" billboard in Times Square made headlines for being too racy. The ad featured a woman scratching her crotch, revealing red underwear. And the male version of the ad was just a bit X-rated for some New Yorkers.

NBC also banned an ad from the animal right's organization from Super Bowl XLIII because it featured a woman seemingly pleasure herself with vegetables. Well, they sure do know how to think outside of the box.  

Photo Credit: PETA

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