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Heads Up, Hulu Subscribers: You Might Soon See Ads While The Video Is Paused

Hulu is set to display pause ads, a new ad format which appears a few seconds after a content remains paused. The company hopes that non-disruptive ad formats could make up half of its entire revenue eventually.

Apps/Software February 1, 2019

Health Care Companies Use Up $30 Billion Every Year To Market Products And Services

Health care companies in the United States doubled their ad spending in the past 10 years. From $17.7 billion, companies are now spending $29.9 billion to advertise to consumers and health care professionals.

Public Health January 9, 2019

NASA May Sell Naming Rights For Rockets: Here's Why That's A Bad Idea

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine has tasked the agency to study the possibility of selling naming rights for rockets to private companies. The proposal, which comes with several limitations, may be a bad idea.

Space September 12, 2018

Huawei False Advertising: Nova 3 Selfies Were Actually Taken By DSLR Camera

Huawei was again found engaging in deceptive marketing practices, as a Nova 3 advertisement for selfies apparently used DSLR camera photos. The smartphone manufacturer was caught through behind-the-scenes pictures uploaded by the female actor.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 21, 2018

Facebook Augmented Reality Ads Will Let You Try On Products From Your News Feed

Facebook is testing augmented reality advertisements on the News Feed, starting with Michael Kors sunglasses. The ads will allow user to try on the products using the smartphone's camera, similar to how filters work.

Apps/Software July 11, 2018

Facebook Ad Wants You To Remember The Good Old Days: Before 'Data Misuse' And Fake News

Facebook released a video as part of its latest advertising campaign. The video highlighted how good Facebook has been before the issues of data misuse, fake news, and more came.

Apps/Software April 28, 2018

Junk Food Culture Found To Cause America's Growing Problem On Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity continues to be an epidemic in the United States, where even toddlers are struggling with the health issue. Experts all point their fingers at just one culprit, junk food.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 27, 2018

Google Chrome Now Has A Built-In Ad Blocker, But Not Everyone Is Happy

Google's ad-blocking feature for Chrome is a good thing for the average user, some ad-reliant websites, and advertisers. However, some question the way the company implemented things.

Internet February 19, 2018

Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones Will No Longer Have Lockscreen Ads, But There's A Catch

The Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones program offers Amazon Prime subscribers significant discounts on Android smartphones in exchange for lockscreen ads. Amazon is now removing the annoying feature, but with a catch.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 7, 2018

Google Gives Users More Control Over Ads We Don't Want To See

Google updated its tools to provide users with more control over the ads that they don't want to see as they browse the internet. Among the ads being targeted with the new options are the annoying reminder ads.

Google January 25, 2018

Instagram Will Make influencers Tag Paid Promotional Posts Going Forward

Going through the posts of social media celebrities and influencers, it can be difficult identifying paid posts. Instagram is trying to offer more transparency to users by having influencers tag what posts are paid for.

Apps/Software June 14, 2017

Goodbye, Annoying Ads! Google To Roll Out Chrome Ad Blocker Next Year

Google confirmed that it will be rolling out an ad blocker for its Chrome browser next year. Google will help publishers prepare for the launch of the tool, which will eliminate annoying ads.

Apps/Software June 1, 2017

Google Will Track Your Offline Shopping Sprees To Help Advertisers

Google wants to bridge the gap between digital and physical worlds by tracking people's offline shopping sprees as well. The company will pair online ad clicks with physical retail store purchases to give advertisers better insight.

Internet May 24, 2017

Burger King Ad Tries To Hijack Google Home: Clever Marketing Stunt Or Invasion Of Privacy?

An advertisement released by Burger King looked to take advantage of the growing popularity of the Google Home smart speaker. Google has since ended the marketing stunt, which can be seen as both clever and invasive.

Google April 13, 2017

Elon Musk Agrees To A Tesla Competition And You Have A Fifth-Grader To Thank For It

A bright fifth-grader wrote a letter to Tesla CEO Elon Musk as part of a school project, suggesting a Tesla competition for fan-made commercials. Musk thought it was a great idea and agreed to do it, so get ready for a neat contest thanks to this awesome kid.

Business Tech March 2, 2017

Facebook Agrees To MRC Audit To Regain Advertisers' Trust, Promises 'Accountability And New Choices'

Facebook has announced new measures to regain advertisers' trust, including a Media Rating Council audit. The company also pledges greater transparency, accountability, and new choices for marketers.

Business Tech February 11, 2017

Facebook To Start Testing Mid-Roll Ad Format: Expect Clips In The Middle Of Videos Soon

To provide video publishers with revenue for their content, Facebook may soon start testing a new mid-roll ad format that lets creators put clips in the middle of their videos after the 20-second mark.

Internet January 10, 2017

Facebook Knows A Lot About Your Offline Habits, Buying Third-Party Data To Serve Better Targeted Ads

Facebook has been steadily purchasing user data from third-party data brokers, including information such as household income estimates, shopping habits, and more to serve better targeted ads. Opting out is not impossible, but it's rather cumbersome.

Internet December 31, 2016

Spotify Says Thanks To Weird 2016 In New Ad Campaign That Shows The Fun Side Of User Data

The latest advertising campaign of Spotify says thanks to a weird 2016 by revealing interesting and strange listening habits of users. "Dear person who played 'Sorry' 42 times on Valentine's Day, what did you do?" one of the billboards says.

Internet November 30, 2016

Facebook Apologizes For Exaggerating Video Traffic Figures, But Money Will Continue To Flow Into The Platform

Facebook made a mess of things due to exaggerating its video traffic figures. The company came out to apologize to advertisers, but will that be enough to regain their trust?

Feature | Tech September 24, 2016

Google Pixel Advertising Goes Big - Literally: Are You Ready For The Oct. 4 Unveiling?

Google is going big with its Pixel advertising -- literally big. In addition to teaser clips, a dedicated website and other ads before the big unveiling on Oct. 4, Google is taking over an immense electronic billboard at Times Square, New York.

Google September 22, 2016

Google Shop The Look Aims To Let You Buy Clothes Directly From Search Results

Google is rolling out a new mobile ad experience called Shop the Look, which will allow users to shop for outfits straight from search results. Here's how it works.

Google September 7, 2016

Video Creators Accuse YouTube Of Censorship After Notification Improvement: No, Ad Guidelines Weren't Changed

YouTube clarified that it has not changed any of its policy on demonetizing videos that may be inappropriate for Google's brand advertisers. The video-sharing platform also notes that its new notification integration was added for transparency and better communication with content creators.

Internet September 3, 2016

Adblock Plus Bashes Facebook's Push To Block Ad Blockers And Force Ads On Desktop: It's 'Anti-User'

Facebook's move to block ad blockers on desktop has unsurprisingly made some waves, as the company stepped on some toes on its way to forcing ads. Adblock Plus is obviously against this move, explaining that it's 'anti-user' and 'takes a dark path against user choice.'

Internet August 10, 2016

Facebook Blocking Ad Blockers On Desktop, But At Least You Can Tailor Your Ad Experience

Facebook announced that from now on it will bypass ad blockers on the desktop version of its social network. This means that you'll see ads on Facebook even if you have ad-blocking software in place, but at least you'll be able to customize what type of ads you see.

Internet August 9, 2016

Tumblr Ads Rolling Out So Bloggers Can Start Making Money From Their Sites

Tumblr announced that it's rolling out ads across all of its blogs, enabling bloggers to make some money from their sites. Those who don't want any part of this can opt out.

Internet July 28, 2016

Paul Rudd Once Starred In A Super Nintendo Commercial, And He's Barely Aged A Day

Maybe playing games keeps him young?

Celebrities June 30, 2016

Smart Billboards In Japan Can Show Ads Based On Car Models Passing By

Upcoming smart billboards in Japan will be able to display advertisements depending on the makes and models of the vehicles that are passing by. The system that will power the billboards utilizes a combination of deep learning and big data.

Business Tech June 29, 2016

This TV Commercial For 'Super Mario 64' Is Super '90s

Nintendo's N64 console is celebrating 20 years. What better way to celebrate than revisiting this super '90s TV ad for 'Super Mario 64'?

Video Games June 24, 2016

Verizon's 'Can You Hear Me Now' Guy Switches To Sprint

Paul Marcarelli, the guy in Verizon advertisements known for his "can you hear me now?" line, has switched to Sprint. The advertisements urge consumers to make the same switch as Marcarelli did.

Business Tech June 6, 2016

Samsung Pushing More Annoying Interactive Ads To Smart TVs, Even Old Ones: Report

Samsung started pushing tile ads to its smart TVs in the United States last year, and is reportedly expanding the initiative. The company will pull the same scheme in Europe and it will be retroactive, reaching even older models through software updates.

Apps/Software May 31, 2016

Facebook Says Sorry, Reverses Decision To Ban Ad That Features Plus-Size Model

Facebook initially rejected an advertisement by an Australian feminist group featuring a plus-size model wearing a bikini. The social network has since apologized, with the image for the ad now reinstated.

Internet May 24, 2016

Donald Trump Thinks You'll Like His Board Game In This Ad From 1988

Remember that time Donald Trump had a board game? Yeah, neither do we.

Life & Style May 9, 2016

Here’s How To See All The Things Facebook Knows About You Through Ad Preferences

Users can actually see what Facebook knows about you, and what the site thinks you're into with just a few steps.

Internet May 9, 2016

Instagram Quietly Tests Business Profiles With Contact Button, Location Tag And More

Instagram is testing new features that will benefit businesses among a small group of users. The features are a "Contact" button, which will be shown beside the "Following" button, a location tag and a displayed category for the Instagram account.

Apps/Software May 5, 2016

Adblock Plus Lends Websites A Hand, Introduces Tool That Lets Visitors Donate To Publishers After Blocking Ads

Adblock Plus and Flattr teamed up and took the wraps off Flattr Plus, a tool that'll allow readers to block ads on a website and still support it via donations.

Apps/Software May 4, 2016

This Is How Ads Lure Kids To Start Using E-Cigarettes

A new study shows advertisements increase teen use of e-cigarettes. How these ads lure kids is a question that must be looked into to mitigate the problem.

Public Health April 26, 2016

Quora Is Now Testing Ads On A Few Question Pages

Question-and-answer website Quora is now testing advertisements on a few question pages. This is the first time that Quora is looking to monetize its platform since the website was launched in 2010.

Internet April 21, 2016

Vyking’s AI Technology Now Knows How You’re Reacting To Video Advertisements

Vyking launches video ad that reacts to your facial expression

Business April 13, 2016

Facebook Live Video Sets Eyes On YouTube, Twitter And Advertising $$$

The updates coming to Facebook's Live Video feature will make the battle for advertising dollars even more intense. The changes coming to Live Video look to foster engagement with users, which would increase the company's advertising revenue.

Internet April 7, 2016

Coke Bottles Swap Names For Song Lyrics In 'Share A Coke' Campaign Reboot

The Coca-Cola Company is rebooting its 'Share a Coke' campaign. It now includes song lyrics instead of names.

Internet Culture March 31, 2016

Only Snapchat Users Will Understand The Meaning Behind These Billboards

Snapchat put up 50 billboard ads around the U.S. and Canada that only users will understand.

Society March 24, 2016

German Watchdog Suspects Facebook Abuses Its Dominant Position To Make Users Share Too Much: Antitrust Probe Underway

German competition watchdog Bundeskartellamt has opened an antitrust probe into Facebook's practices. The watchdog suspects that Facebook is abusing its dominant market position to collect heaps of personal user data for advertising purposes.

Legal March 3, 2016

This 'Pokemon Red' And 'Blue' Ad From 1998 Is Super Creepy

Remember that time a creepy guy lured Pikachu onto a bus?

Geek February 19, 2016

Time Inc. Buys Myspace

Time Inc. announced on Thursday it will acquire the advertising tech company Viant, which is the parent company of Myspace.

Deals February 11, 2016

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