Usually a rule of thumb for most graffiti artists is: Don't publicly post photos of yourself illegally tagging a place. Now, one artist could be in some serious trouble after posting fun photos of herself vandalizing at least ten National Parks.

Some criminals stupidly post about their illegal activity on social media. While law enforcement have used Facebook to catch criminals in the past, the police are now looking into one artist's Instagram after she posted potentially criminalizing evidence that may show that she took her creative freedom too far.

New York-based artist Casey Nocket may be in trouble after she posted photos of her cartoony art across parks in five states.

According to her Instagram account, Nocket, who goes by the username @Creepytings, visited parks across the U.S, leaving behind her own art on the inspiring landscapes. Instead of using chalk, the artist used acrylic paint to create her artistic creations.

Authorities became aware of the potential vandalism after two California outdoor bloggers, The Modern Hiker and Calipidder broke the story. "Scrolling through her other images, it quickly became clear to me that this account was linked to a New Yorker on a long trip through the parks of the western U.S.," the blog writes. "Within a few minutes I saw she had also visited Bryce, Zion, Joshua Tree, and other public lands. She seemed proud of the 'art,' and appeared to take a lot of pride and happiness in the 'work.'"

 According to photos posted on Nocket's Instagram and Tumblr accounts, she allegedly defaced Yosemite, Death Valley, Crater Lake, Zion, Canyonlands and Rocky Mountain National Parks for certain, with Grand Canyon, Sequoia Kings, Joshua Tree and Bryce National Parks still awaiting 'official confirmation.'

The portraits include a white and red face painting that shows a serpent slithering from the mouth that was spray painted at Yosemite National Park in California, and graffiti in Zion and Joshua Tree.

Both her Instagram and Tumblr accounts have been removed. However, in one comment, the artist admits to using acrylic paint for her portraits. "I know, I'm a bad person," creepytings writes.  

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