KFC Canada Introduces Bucket That Can Only Be Bought With Bitcoin


KFC Canada announced that it will be selling a bucket of chicken that can only be bought using bitcoin. The bucket costs whatever bitcoin value is equal to CA$20 or about $16.

The offer is only available for a limited time and it's called "The Bitcoin Bucket." It sold out almost immediately after it was released.

Bitcoin Bucket

KFC Canada's Bitcoin Bucket will only be available online. Customers in Canada were not able to head to their local KFC to buy the Bitcoin Bucket.

"Despite the ups and downs of Bitcoin, the Colonel's Original Recipe is as good as always. So, trade your Bitcoins for buckets and invest in something finger lickin' good," said KFC Canada in the page for the offer.

Payments for the bucket went through Bitpay and also carried a $5 shipping fee.

The bucket came with 10 Original piece tenders, waffle fries, a medium side, gravy, and two dips.

The offer paid off as it sold out almost immediately. Earlier on Friday, KFC Canada told its customers that the Bitcoin Bucket sold out but they are "mining for more as fast as we can."

While it's a fun way to end up in the press, the move is interesting since there are high transaction fees to transfer bitcoin. KFC Canada also promised that if Bitcoin creator reveals his/her identity, his bucket will be on them.

Strange Marketing

Recently, KFC has been into strange marketing techniques. In November, the company released a Faraday cage to escape the internet while customers eat. For $10,000, they could own a KFC Internet Escape Pod. Only one model exists and features a giant Colonel Sanders over the cage — protecting them from the internet.

While it isn't the first fast food restaurant to release a video game, it certainly had one of the more interesting games. It's a virtual reality game named The Hard Way. It looks like Bioshock and inspired by Saw. It also trains players how to make the Colonel's chicken.

Keeping with the strange ways that KFC is marketing, it has also released a record. The vinyl record features a song done by comedian Fred Armisen. More strange marketing ploys include a fried chicken scented candle and even a comic book featuring the Colonel as the protagonist.

Companies have been using the popularity of bitcoin, and cryptocurrency to gain more attention. Recently, beverage company Long Island Iced Tea changed its name to Long Blockchain corp. — the change sent the company's stock soaring.

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