Nintendo Direct Mini Skips Big Nintendo Switch Questions: Is A Bigger Event Happening Soon?


The recent Nintendo Direct Mini provided a snapshot of what to expect for the Nintendo Switch in 2018, but there remain many questions from owners of the hybrid console.

With these questions still hanging over the heads of Nintendo Switch gamers, there are rumors circulating that Nintendo will release another presentation very soon to provide the much-awaited answers.

Questions Remain After Nintendo Direct Mini January 2018

In the Nintendo Direct Mini for January 2018, Nintendo presented several games and updates for the Nintendo Switch. These include sneak peeks for games such as The World Ends With You: Final Remix, Kirby Star Allies, Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, and Mario Tennis Aces. Updates were also announced for some titles, including the free Super Mario Odyssey DLC Balloon World and the paid Pokkén Tournament DX DLC called the Deluxe Battle Pack.

The Nintendo Direct Mini was packed with announcements, but some questions remained unanswered after the presentation. First and foremost was news on Nintendo Switch Online, the paid online subscription service for the hybrid console. The service is expected to launch this year, with rumors pegging the date during the fall season.

The presentation featured several games, but the biggest Nintendo franchise not yet on the Nintendo Switch was nowhere to be found. Rumors on the Pokémon RPG for the hybrid console claim that it may be released in late 2018, and fans of the series are hungry for news on the upcoming title.

New games are great for the Nintendo Switch, but some gamers prefer going back to Nintendo's roots. The Nintendo Direct Mini also did not discuss the Virtual Console, which will expand the Nintendo Switch gaming library by a significant amount.

Another Nintendo Direct Coming Soon?

The missing information from the Nintendo Direct Mini led to rumors that Nintendo is planning a bigger presentation. According to a theory, gamers will not even have to wait long before they see this rumored "standard" Nintendo Direct.

According to a Redditor, each Nintendo Direct Mini has always been followed by a bigger Nintendo Direct within a span of 20 days. This means that, if the theory is right, a more expansive Nintendo Direct should arrive by early February at the latest.

Nintendo needs to let gamers know more about what it is planning for the Nintendo Switch in 2018. The Nintendo Switch sales target for this year is 20 million, and that number will be easily reached if Nintendo is able to address all the concerns that owners have regarding the future of the hybrid console.

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