Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Heading To The Nintendo Switch, Bringing Funky Kong Along


The Nintendo Switch will have its own Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze version with a playable Funky Kong tagging along. Release date happens on May 4.

Announced via the Nintendo Direct Mini this week, the release will relive the Wii U debut of the Donkey Kong title in 2014, and the new serving will mostly replicate the original. It will be the same label and gameplay, but the Tropical Freeze on the Switch platform will no doubt be spiced up by Funky Kong.

According to the Direct Mini broadcast, fans can expect nearly the same things when Funky Kong was first unpacked. The popular character was described by Nintendo as "chill," and it appears the Switch will get the same treatment.

In the Switch gameplay, Funky Kong will remain capable of the double jump maneuver, hover and infinite rolls, and infinite corkscrews underwater. The basic design for Funky Kong is easy gaming mode and fun-filled gameplay, Nintendo said.

Super Nintendo Throwback

The Tropical Freeze rerelease and Funky Kong's reentry will certainly bring back sweet memories of the Super Nintendo era. Funky represented not only boldness and bad attitude but also as the exact opposite of Donkey Kong. The latter favored unlimited amount of activities and hogging the spotlight, while the former simply thrived on the background and won cult following in doing so.

So in the next few months, Nintendo is bringing Donkey and Funky back, this time for the rapidly expanding Switch audience. While the gaming flavor remains the same, there will be reconfigurations to expect once Donkey Kong Country makes the jump from the Wii U to the Switch.

The hints so far from Nintendo indicated that Tropical Freeze can be played in local co-op with the use of Joy-Con for each player. However, the details on the title have been mostly suppressed, so fans will have to wait for the juicy information to hopefully leak as the game's release approaches.

What To Expect

The Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze coming to the Nintendo Switch is hardly a surprise, but expectations are high as far as gamers are concerned. When the title first hit the Wii U, it elicited mixed reactions but with the general conclusion that the gameplay is enjoyable.

However, critics scored the uninspiring treatment for the Tropical Freeze environment and lamented of its unimpressive visuals. In other words, the Donkey Kong Country on Wii U did not blow gamers away. These feedbacks should serve as the cue for Nintendo to design the upgrades for the game title.

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