A new update is on its way to Fire Emblem Heroes and it apparently includes new characters from the Radiant Dawn installment on the Nintendo Wii.

The three new characters from the older game are Micaiah, Zelgius, and Sothe. Likewise, these new characters will be the stars of a new story chapter called "Guided by a Dream," which is included in the new update. Intelligent Systems definitely wants to give players a good incentive to grind out and earn fee orbs at the same time.

For those who missed out on some of the New Year heroes, the publisher will continue to offer a chance to grab them until the month ends. All the new content should encourage gamers to grab as many orbs to complete their collection

Post-Launch Content

Feedback from gamers has been generally positive thanks to the continuous flow of new content from the publisher. The latest update is labeled as game version 2.1.0 and includes new maps, story, characters, and a new feature. Nintendo posted a new video on YouTube that showcases what gamers can expect from the new patch.

New Characters And Features

A total of three new characters are included in version 2.1.0 of Fire Emblem Heroes. They are Micaiah, a Blue Tome user, Zelgius an Armored Sword user, and Sothe, a Shuriken user. Together with the new heroes are updates to the gameplay experience and few bug fixes.

Furthermore, players are now allowed to view the battle map prior to the fight. The Hero Merit limit has been increased to 4,000 with new maps for the Arena. The Weapon Refinery and Sacred Seal Forge gain additional possibilities.

Bug Fixes

The patch notes for the latest update details a bug fix regarding weapon inheritance system. The problem reportedly occurred when players attempted to inherit the skills after weapon refinement. It apparently comes up if the refined weapon has a prerequisite skill requirement.

The previous workaround had players assign the prerequisite skill before they attempt to refine a weapon. However, the 2.1.0 update allegedly fixes this problem.

Franchise Popularity

Sources have noted that recent rankings have rated Fire Emblem Heroes as another success for Nintendo. The mobile game has apparently surpassed Super Mario Run's revenue.

Previously, the Japanese company's decision to enter the mobile gaming market was seen by analysts as a risky move. Now, it seems like a step in the right direction considering Animal Crossing Pocket Camp's popularity.

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