Apple certainly has a lot on its plate these days as more complaints related to the iPhone battery slowdown debacle continue to pile up.

Consumers groups from the United States and other countries have directed their concerns to the Cupertino tech company. Now, China joins the chorus as its own consumer group questions the motive behind the smartphone's degraded performance post firmware updates. The Chinese are reportedly demanding that the manufacturer furnishes a reply before Friday.

Formal Complaint

On Monday, sources confirmed that the Shanghai Consumer Council drafted a letter to Apple in order to discuss the aforementioned issue. Last month, after a series of complaints supported by research results from various tech experts, the firm eventually admitted that it deliberately cut-down system performance to offset instances wherein the battery is no longer optimized.

Reports claim the Chinese want a detailed explanation as to why the American electronics firm came up with their unexpected decision, as well as its policies to resolve the ongoing fiasco.

Motive Behind Their Demand

Tech industry analysts are curious as to why the consumer group from China still demanded an explanation from Apple. After all, the company publicly shared its side via an open letter last month.

Moreover, as a temporary fix, the company will offer out-of-warranty iPhone owners a battery replacement discount of $50 for users with an iPhone 6 or newer until the end of 2018.

In addition to the abovementioned workaround, a future iOS update will reportedly give users a detailed view of their smartphone's battery integrity. Yet, it seems like the device's performance will still be dependent on how well its battery sustains it power requirements.

Given all of this publicly available information, It becomes understandable why many are intrigued by Chinese group's requirements.

Reputation On The Line

Before Apple's revelation last year, it was already a popular speculation that the company intentionally cut performance short as the battery loses its ability to hold a charge. Some groups suspect that it was a business decision to encourage consumers to replace their units with the newest model.

Nevertheless, despite the company's explanation, the damage has already been done. Some consumers who were exclusively using iPhones before the battery fiasco have now reportedly switched to the competition.

Meanwhile, there are some recent reports concerning the Apple's battery. A few days ago, unexplained iPhone battery explosions happened in Zurich, Switzerland and Valencia, Spain just days apart. Maybe the Chinese consumer group would likewise want the company to furnish an explanation for those incidents.

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