LG appears to be one track with its updates as reports confirmed that the LG V30 Android Oreo update rolls out in South Korea.

Last month, some users in the Asian country participated in an early beta test for the latest firmware update. The company offered the Oreo testing program for only 500 individuals. It seems great for all V30 users to quickly receive the final and stable operating system update shortly after a controlled beta with limited participants.

Update Heading Stateside

Together with the standard features introduced only with the new OS, LG has reportedly added some improvements of their own. Now that the V30 has officially joined other flagship models with Google's latest offering, it is likely that owners in the United States might be prompted to update their units soon.

Usually, owners of factory unlocked units bought directly from online or physical retail stores will receive the updates first. Carrier-issued units are usually delayed due to the configurations and bloatware included with their update.

What Up With Oreo

With Android Oreo onboard the LG V30, users can expect to experience like the new picture-in-picture mode. Wireless audio quality also received a bump up with support for LDAC Bluetooth codecs. Sources also report that software update improves battery life and makes boot up even faster.

However, Google's Project Treble, which is supposedly designed to make operating system software update easier and quicker, is unfortunately not included. Perhaps LG could include it in the future as a welcome upgrade.

LG V30 owners in South Korea can grab the update over-the-air after they received the software update notification (if their software setting is set to automatic). Otherwise, users can manually scan for new software versions or the LG PC Suite to upgrade their units via the computer.

Samsung, LG's closest competitor, is yet to release Android Oreo updates for its flagship models, the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, and the Galaxy Note 8.

A Shade For 2018

A week ago, LG unveiled a new color for its LG V30 smartphone called Raspberry Rose. The new variant made its debut during CES 2018 where attendees got a closer look at the fashionable shade. The manufacturer describes its new offering as an "intense saturated version of red."

Just like the Android Oreo update, it will be available for South Korea first then other Asian markets right after. Unfortunately, LG did not confirm when or if the new model will hit retailers and carriers in the United States or Canada.

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