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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Freezes, Shuts Down, Then Bursts Into Flames

A Redditor reported that his Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge suddenly froze and shut down, then burst into flames a few seconds later. Combined with the earlier report on an exploding Galaxy Note 9, has the Galaxy Note 7 issue returned?

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 24, 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Catches Fire: Galaxy Note 7 All Over Again?

A woman from Long Island sued Samsung after her Galaxy Note 9 burst into flames while inside her purse. It is too early to say, but hopefully the situation does not devolve into another debacle like the Galaxy Note 7.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 18, 2018

Smartphone Catches Fire, Kills Cradle Fund CEO In His Home In Malaysia

A man died in his home in Malaysia after his smartphone had exploded while charging. The man reportedly had a BlackBerry and a Huawei phone, and it's unclear which one caught fire.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 20, 2018

This Time, It’s China That’s Asking Apple For Information About Slowing Down Old iPhones

Chinese consumer groups demanded an explanation from Apple regarding the iPhone slowdown problem. The council also wanted the company to discuss its plans to address these complaints.

Apple January 16, 2018

Video Shows Samsung Smartphone Going Up In Flames: Here's Why It Exploded

A CCTV video caught a Samsung smartphone exploding while in the pocket of its owner. The incident brings back memories of the Galaxy Note 7, but this time, it is not Samsung's fault.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 8, 2017

iPhone 4S Started Fire At Wisconsin Home: Serious Issue For Apple, Or Isolated Incident?

A woman has filed a lawsuit against Apple for a fire in her Wisconsin home that was allegedly started by an iPhone 4S. Should current iPhone 4S owners start to worry, or is this just an isolated incident?

Apple July 24, 2017

Fidget Spinners On Fire, And We Mean That Literally: Electronic Versions Explode While Charging

The popularity of fidget spinners have caught fire over the past few months, but unfortunately, so have the toys themselves. In two separate incidents, electronic fidget spinners burst into flames while they were charging.

Gadgets June 30, 2017

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Reportedly Launching Next Week As Galaxy Note FE: Safe This Time?

Samsung has recalled the Galaxy Note 7 twice last year over exploding batteries, but it's gearing up to launch it a third time as the Galaxy Note FE. Will it be safe this time around?

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 28, 2017

Apple Won't Replace Exploding Beats Headphones, Says Third-Party Batteries Are At Fault

An Australian woman's Beats headphones exploded while she was wearing them on a flight, burning her hair, face, and hands. The woman only sought to have the headphones and her clothes reimbursed, but Apple said it's not its fault.

Gadgets May 20, 2017

iPhone 7 Explodes In China While Charging, Gets Blown In Half

Another smartphone ended with a bang as an iPhone 7 exploded in China while charging. The explosion caused the device to burn and split in half.

Apple April 7, 2017

Is The Galaxy S8 Safe From Exploding Batteries? Here's How Samsung Made Sure

Samsung is looking to have customers forget about the embarrassing Galaxy Note 7 debacle and focus instead on the Galaxy S8. Here is how the company made sure that the Galaxy S8 is safe from exploding batteries.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 3, 2017

Samsung Announces Rigorous 8-Point Battery Safety Check To Avoid Another Galaxy Note 7-Like Fiasco

Upon announcing its Galaxy Note 7 investigation results, Samsung also unveiled a new 8-Point Battery Safety Check to ensure the safety of its future devices. Here's what this more rigorous testing process will entail.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 23, 2017

Researchers Develop Lithium-Ion Battery That Will Not Catch Fire: Too Late For The Samsung Galaxy Note 7

One of the biggest problems in modern consumer technology is exploding lithium-ion batteries. To address the issue, researchers have created a version of the battery that will not catch fire.

Gadgets January 17, 2017

Galaxy S8 Rumors: Samsung SDI Batteries Still On Board Despite Note 7 Explosive Fiasco

Samsung has reportedly confirmed that the Galaxy S8 will pack Samsung SDI batteries despite the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, according to a new report. Moreover, recent rumors also reveal ambitious production plans, indicating that Samsung is confident the Galaxy S8 will be a hit.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 4, 2017

Samsung Tapping LG Chem For Galaxy Note 8 Battery: Report

Samsung had a disastrous Galaxy Note 7 release with two recalls over exploding batteries, but it's reportedly in talks to tap LG Chem as a battery supplier. This means the Galaxy Note 8 could sport an LG Chem battery, hopefully free of explosion woes.

Business Tech December 19, 2016

Are iPhones Really Safe Despite Widespread Battery Problems?

Consumers in China and other parts of the world are complaining about battery issues with their iPhones. Many units keep shutting down despite still having enough battery charge while others seem to catch fire during use or charging.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 10, 2016

Samsung Issues Galaxy Note 7 Death Sentence, But Verizon Won't Push The Kill Switch: Why?

Samsung confirmed that it will permanently disable the Galaxy Note 7 in the United States come Dec. 19, but not all carriers are on board. Verizon refuses to release the kill-switch update, issuing a statement explaining its decision.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 10, 2016

Samsung Is The Only One To Blame For Exploding Note 7 Batteries After Reportedly Testing It In-House

Samsung reportedly tested the batteries for its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in-house at its own CTIA-certified lab.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 17, 2016

Will There Be A Recall On The Replacement Galaxy Note 7? Samsung Finally Speaks Out After Production And Sales Stop

Samsung has paused production on its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone as it 'adjusts' its schedule following reports that the replacement devices are exploding.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 10, 2016

AT&T Drops Galaxy Note 7: No Longer Offering Replacement Note 7 Units Until Samsung Sorts It Out

AT&T stopped carrying the Galaxy Note 7 altogether amid new reports claiming that even the new, 'safe' units are catching fire. The carrier is still accepting recalled Galaxy Note 7 units, but it's no longer offering replacement Note 7 units until Samsung solves the issue.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 10, 2016

Galaxy Note 7 Issues Escalate: More Replacement Units Catch Fire, Suspicious Text From Samsung Rep Makes It Worse

Samsung said it fixed the Galaxy Note 7 issues after the recall, but it doens't seem quite so. More replacement Galaxy Note 7 units caught fire and a suspicious text message reportedly from a Samsung representative makes things even more dubious.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 9, 2016

Galaxy Note 7 Replacement Explodes In Taiwan: Will Samsung Finally Stop Selling The Note 7?

Another Galaxy Note 7 replacement has reportedly exploded - this time in Taiwan. The latest incident proves that the problem of defective Note 7 devices spans the globe and might not go away anytime soon, so will Samsung finally stop selling the device?

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 8, 2016

Exploding Battery Woes Continue: Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Presumably Fixed, Catches Fire On Southwest Plane

Samsung put the Galaxy Note 7 back on sale globally after the recall, saying that it had fixed the overheating and exploding battery issues. If so, how come a replacement Galaxy Note 7 just caught fire on a Southwest Airlines Plane?

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 5, 2016

Man Sues Samsung Over Galaxy Note 7 Injury: How Will This Affect Sales?

Samsung is being sued by a man who recently suffered third-degree burns after his Galaxy Note 7 smartphone exploded in his pocket. He got injuries to his leg, thigh, and even on his fingers after attempting to remove the phone while it was on fire.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 17, 2016

Is Your Galaxy Note 7 Exploding? Samsung's Special IMEI Tool Goes Live So You Can Check

The official Samsung Galaxy Note 7 IMEI tool is now live, the company announced. With this tool, users can check whether their Galaxy Note 7 is a ticking time bomb part of the batch with exploding batteries.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 17, 2016

Galaxy Note 7 Exploding Battery Quick Fix: Note 7 Software Update To Limit Recharging To 60 Percent

Samsung has come up with a quick fix for the Galaxy Note 7 exploding battery: charging the device only up to 60 percent. This battery charging cap will roll out soon through a software patch, aiming to ensure the battery no longer overheats.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 13, 2016

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