Time for the crossover gamers did not even know they wanted. A new mod replaces all characters in 'Goldeneye 007' with those from 'Mario 64.'

A new mod for Goldeneye 007 brings it together with another seminal Nintendo 64 title Super Mario 64. Gone are James Bond, Alex Trevelyan, and Natalya Simonova; brought in are Mario, Luigi, and Peach.

Creating the mod took just four months. The creator first unveiled the project in September.

'The-a Name's Mario, Super Mario'

Mod creator StupidMarioBros1Fan made the changes necessary to Goldeneye 007 to almost make it into a Mario game. All of the human characters have been reskinned to convert them into characters from the Mario universe.

Originally, the mod was supposed to replace James Bond with just Mario, but the project grew. Enemy soldiers found throughout the game have been replaced with various versions of Koopa Troopas. While it's fun to play the splitscreen version of the game with friends, the whole story along with dialogue has been changed to fit the new characters.

For example, when Mario introduces himself he says, "The-a name's Mario, Super Mario." References to the Cold War were removed from the game, and characters have been changed from the original story. Dr. Doak is changed to Toad, so players can now choose to kill him when he is revealed to be a double-agent.

Other characters that show up include Daisy as Xenia Onatopp, Bowser as General Ourumov, Yoshi as Boris, Donkey Kong as Dimitri Mishkin, Wario as Valentin Zukovsky, Pauline as May Day, again Toad as Oddjob, Waluigi as Jaws, and Rainbow Bowser as Baron Zamedi.

Three new multiplayer maps were also added for the mod, including Peach's Castle, Bob-omb Battlefield, and Big Boo's Haunt. Even though all the people have been replaced with Mario characters, it does not mean the violence and guns have been removed from the game.

The mod is available for download and can also be played on the original Nintendo 64.

Other Mods

Another recently released mod involving Super Mario 64 is one that allows players to go through the game in first-person view. Just watching the footage of the new gameplay can be nauseating. Textures disappear as Mario walks along the map. The mod presents more of a challenge to complete the game.

There have also been other Goldeneye 007 mods that allow players to play the game in 1080p at 60fps. Even though it has been over 20 years since the release of both games, people continue to be captivated by memories of the first time they played both.

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