Tech-savvy users ideally enjoy their multimedia via their Smart-enabled TVs, but for others, media streaming devices like the Apple TV and Google Chromecast are essential.

As wireless connectivity within a household gets better, content streaming becomes even more reliable. However, Anthony Noto, Twitter COO, seems to believe that the aforementioned gadgets are destined to become obsolete in the next five years.

At first, it sounds reasonable given that most modern Televisions already have wireless streaming capabilities built in. However, the social media platform executive predicts smartphones will eventually replace everything.

All-In-One Device

Reports confirm that the Twitter COO shared his opinion on a Turner Sports-hosted panel during CES 2018. Topics involved alluded to changes the industry has observed on how people consume content and the available avenues for distribution.

According to Noto, popular streaming devices will no longer be required since their functions will be integrated into smartphones. With mobile data or Wi-Fi, users can connect their smartphones wirelessly to their TVs and watch what they want.

Recent Platform Changes

Sources noted that Twitter, as social media service, has recently made some changes that incorporated live streaming features. The platform currently has deals with Bloomberg and NFL to publish content for users. User-generated tweets often serve as live commentary since it usually appears parallel to an ongoing stream.

"Today you walk into your house and your cell phone attaches to your Wi-Fi instantly. Over the next five years when you walk into your house, your cell phone will automatically connect to the television. There will be no Apple TV, no Chromecast, no Amazon Fire, [no] Microsoft Xbox," said Anthony Noto.

Investor Confidence

Twitter's push to redefine its service with the inclusion of live streaming content reportedly worried some of its investors. However, it should be noted that the last six months shows the social media platform's stocks on the rise.

Early 2017, analysts speculated that the company might be put up for sale. Now, it seems that company can continue its operation unhindered with sufficient investments.

Wi-Fi Blackout issues

A few days ago, one of the streaming devices that Noto talked about made the headlines. Researchers discovered that the reported Wi-Fi problems were not limited to the Google Home Max Smart speaker. The Chromecast was confirmed to also cause wireless connectivity problems with most wireless modems.

Google has yet to confirm if a fix is on the way to the Google Cast-enabled lineup of devices. It appears Twitter's Anthony Noto might be on to something with his prediction.

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