Buses for Apple and Google employees have been attacked by unknown assailants in San Francisco, leading to smashed windows thought to be caused by pellet guns.

Major tech companies such as Apple and Google provide free shuttle services for their employees to transport them from San Francisco to their respective offices in Silicon Valley. These buses, however, are now apparently unsafe.

Apple, Google Buses Targeted In San Francisco

According to a report by The Guardian, at least five buses that are used by Apple employees as transportation to and from San Francisco and the company's Cupertino campus have been attacked.

Succeeding reports added that the Apple buses are not the only targets, as a Google bus also met the same fate.

"There is nothing confirmed but it is suspected that a pellet gun might have been used in these incidents," said Apple in an email to its employees, adding that no injuries have so far been reported in the attacks that occurred along Highway 280.

The incidents involving the Apple and Google buses were confirmed by California Highway Patrol officer Art Montiel. He noted that, while pellet guns are the suspected cause of the damage, nothing has yet been ruled out.

Montiel even said that there is no assurance that Apple or Google are actually being targeted, as the buses are unmarked. The Guardian, however, noted that the buses have different colors depending on the company. Apple buses are silver, Google buses are white, and Facebook buses are blue.

The attacks, however, are likely the next step in the protests against the buses of the tech companies, which have become symbols of wealth disparity and gentrification in the area. Locals blame the employees of the tech companies for driving up the prices and rental rates of homes in San Francisco and Oakland, as they moved into the area from Silicon Valley. While tech employees can afford these prices, the other people in the area struggle to do so.

Apple And Google Change Bus Routes

Apple and Google have both changed the routes of their shuttle services to try to avoid similar incidents and keep their employees safe.

Montiel, however, does not believe that a simple re-routing of the buses will be effective. The officer believes that if the buses are being targeted specifically, they will be attacked no matter which route they take.

Montiel added that if the attacks distract the driver, the buses may collide with other vehicles and cause a major accident with multiple injuries.

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