How To Stream ESL's Counter-Strike Tournaments On Facebook


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Pro League tournaments could previously be streamed through ESL's Twitch and YouTube channels, but that's all about to change, as the company has signed a deal with Facebook to live stream one of the top Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Pro League tournaments starting on Feb. 13.

Facebook Will Produce A New Show For ESL

As part of ESL's deal with Facebook, the social media company will produce a new ESL show that provides eSports fans with the best highlights from Counter-Strike Global Offensive Pro League.

Nik Adams, ESL's senior vice president of media, said the company is expecting to lose at least 15 percent of their current audience because they are trying to attract a new audience. To be specific, ESL really wants to bring in viewers who are new to eSports.

As part of the deal, Facebook will have access to stream Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments until December 2019.

ESL Wants To Reach A Much Bigger Audience

By making a deal with ESL, Facebook is hoping to become the main home for Counter-Strike tournament fans. ESL also reached more than 300 million eSports enthusiasts through Facebook.

"We can bring it to people who haven't heard of eSports before or might have interest but aren't regular viewers of those core platforms," said Adams.

In addition, the company said CS: GO and ESL One Dota 2 tournaments will also be live streamed via Facebook in English and Portuguese, providing an advanced viewing experience for eSports fans.

Switching platforms isn't anything new to ESL, as the company was originally with, to stream sports tournaments on back in October 2011. ESL then signed a deal with YouTube to stream Pro League tournaments. ESL also had a partnership with Twitter, but the deal obviously didn't last long. The deal was more for Twitter, so it could bring new users to its service while bringing original content to its platform.

How To Stream 'Counter-Strike' Tournaments On Facebook

To live stream the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Pro League tournaments on Facebook, eSports fans can go to ESL's official Facebook page. ESL will be broadcasting Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Pro Leagues in virtual reality via Facebook 360. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Pro League tournaments will start its seventh season, streaming on Feb 13.

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