News has been scarce on the God of War front, but now Sony has revealed a plethora of information, including a new trailer and the official PS4 launch date.

Sony announced that the forthcoming God of War title will be coming to the PS4 on April 20. The news came from Sony’s PlayStation Blog, where they also showed gamers a brand-new story trailer.

For those unaware, this new God of War title is the eighth installment to the franchise and is the sequel to the 2010 God of War III title. It is a soft reboot for the game and takes the series into Norse mythology.

The main character Kratos returns but now has a companion, who is his son, Atreus. The game takes place many years after Kratos takes his vengeance out on the Olympian gods, and his past will come to light as he battles new monsters in this new world.

The new video focuses on protagonist Kratos as he tries to teach his son, Atreus, about restraining himself, taking care of his responsibilities, and consequences. Viewers also learn that Atreus isn’t aware of Kratos's time as a god slayer and is starting to face the same problem with power and rage as his dad.

While there is only a handful of action sequences in the trailer, there are plenty of scenic views and location of the new game ranging from open environments and massive monsters.

Check out the new God of War story trailer below.

Preorder Details

Along with the trailer and release date announcement, there was also some talk of the preorder bonuses.

First, it was revealed that any preorder edition will come with three legendary shield skins, which will help Kratos bang up enemies and protect himself from an assortment of creatures.

European gamers will also get the Luck of Ages XP Boost with their preorder. This gives players a +10 Luck and has 1 Enchantment Slot. The Luck bonus increases the gamers amount of experience and Hacksilver they can gain as well as an increase to trigger perks.

The new God of War title has a few different editions, including the Collector’s Edition, which features goodies like a 9-inch statue of Kratos and Atreus, a steelbook case, a 2-inch Huldra Brothers Carving, exclusive lithograph, and cloth map.

The Limited Edition comes with the steelbook case and a Dark Horse artbook, while the Digital Edition features the same artbook found in the Limited Edition, a Dark Horse digital comic, Dynamic theme, Death’s Vow armor set, and Exile’s Guardian Shield.

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