Hate Windows 10 S? Microsoft Is Now Selling A Surface Laptop Running Windows 10 Pro


For those who have been holding out on Microsoft's Surface Laptop because they think its Windows 10 S operating system just isn't up to snuff, they can now purchase a version of the machine that's running a full-fledged Windows 10 Pro OS.

The Surface Laptop has been hailed as one of the best laptops consumers and Microsoft fans could buy, but it's been held back by what's deemed as a relatively limited OS. Now, the Redmond company has decided to sell it in its commercial store and is giving users the option to select a version of the device with Windows 10 Pro already installed so they don't have to go through the cumbersome upgrade process.

Get A Free Upgrade Instead

Though Microsoft is selling it via a commercial portal, similar to the LTE variant of the Surface Pro, any customers may actually purchase the Surface Laptop in question. Here's the thing: Microsoft is charging an extra $100 for the Windows 10 Pro version — but users can avoid this extra charge by simply purchasing the Windows 10 S variant and upgrading to Windows 10 Pro for free, at least until March 31.

Apart from the OS, the Windows 10 Pro version basically has the same specs as a standard Surface Laptop. Consumers may opt for either an Intel Core i5 or i7 chip, up to 16 GB of RAM, and up to a whopping 1 TB of onboard storage.

With the specs maxed out, the Surface Laptop could cost as much as $2,700. The base model, one with only Windows 10 S installed, costs $1,099. Colorways include Burgundy, Cobalt Blue, and Platinum.

Windows 10 S And Windows 10 Pro: What's The Difference?

Choosing whether to get a Windows 10 S version or a Windows 10 Pro is a tricky one, and it all ultimately depends on the needs of the user. The two systems aren't really that much different from each other, but the most crucial disparity has to do with running programs: on Windows 10 S, users can't run legacy Win32 apps, which is probably a dealbreaker for users who dabble in various software. Then again, Microsoft is offering a free upgrade until the end of March. That upgrade will cost $50 after that period concludes, so hurry up.

Thoughts about the Surface Laptop? Were you holding out for a version with Windows 10 Pro already installed? As always, if you have any thoughts, feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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