The dark side just got a bit more romantic, thanks to a LEGO Star Wars proposal made by a young padowan to his girlfriend recently.

Steve Dempsey knew how to win the heart of his girlfriend, Amanda.

Tapping into their shared love for all things Star Wars, particularly the dark side, Dempsey built an elaborate LEGO model of an Imperial-II class star destroyer, otherwise known as Darth Vader's warship.

The dark side itself isn't necessarily tear-invoking, but Dempsey's reasons for choosing the ship to ask Amanda for her hand in marriage is. Although she was initially confused, Dempsey explained the significance of the ship to her.

"I told her our love was like this ship and the people inside it," says Dempsey. "Its shields deflect and defend from any outside force wanting to get in and destroy us. Then I opened the starship and there stood Darth Vader holding the engagement ring."

How's that for romance?

After asking her to be his co-pilot, he opened up the ship where a LEGO Darth Vader waited inside, holding the engagement ring.

However, the story gets even sweeter. Darth Vader held the ring because Dempsey stated that although the character is a villain in the Star Wars films, he symbolizes love because he still cared about those "dearest to him" and it was for this reason that he didn't kill his son, Luke.

"Even after he died, he remained by his side, as seen in the last portion of Episode Six (Return of the Jedi)," says Dempsey. "I wanted to relay the message to my fiancée that no matter what, I will always be by her side, through the bad and the good, and in sickness and in the farthest corners of the galaxy."

Obviously, this was the proposal his girlfriend was looking for, because she said "yes."

The two are now busy making plans for a wedding that will feature the Star Wars opening theme song at the beginning of their reception. May the force be with them and their upcoming nuptials.

Maybe their wedding invitations will read: "Come to the dark side: we have wedding cake."

[Photo Credit: Stephen Dempsey/Imgur]

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