A recently released video, which features several artifacts found in Mexico, suggests that aliens visited the Earth thousands of years ago.

The artifacts are said to be popular among the locals who live near the caves in an unspecified area in Mexico, though the video does not provide details such as when and where the artifacts were retrieved.

Mexico Artifacts Prove Aliens Visited Earth

The video, uploaded by YouTube channel UFOmania, showed artifacts that depicted aliens and spacecraft. One artifact looked like an alien that was dressed with traditional Mexican headwear while carrying alien babies, while other artifacts featured the shapes of elongated alien heads and flying saucers. There is no way for ancient artifacts to depict these images unless the sculptors saw aliens and spacecrafts themselves.

The artifacts discovered in Mexico are similar to the so-called Klaus Dona artifacts. Dona is a "spiritual archaeologist known for his research on unusual artifacts, including bones of 25-foot giants, crystal skulls, and relics from Atlantis.

The discovered artifacts could be the proof needed to establish that, in addition to the existence of aliens, the extraterrestrial beings have been visiting and communicating with humans for thousands of years.

Are The Mexico Artifacts Real?

Looking through the comments of the video on YouTube, there were many users who believed that the unearthed artifacts support the theories that aliens have been in contact with humans for a long time.

However, as pointed out by one user, the artifacts that were featured in UFOMania's video looked like they were all in mint condition, raising doubts of their authenticity.

Unfortunately, we will never know for sure if aliens do exist, and if they have been in communication with humans or perhaps are still living among us. That is unless aliens appear from the sky and make their presence known to the entire world.

Aliens In Mexico

The video of the Mexico artifacts depicting aliens comes soon after the first alien sighting of 2018, which is ironically in the same country.

A video clip of a strange object hovering vertically in the sky was captured in Mexico in mid-January, sending UFO enthusiasts and alien conspiracy theorists abuzz. The vertical UFO has not been explained.

According to Pedro Ramirez, a UFO expert, the rocket launches by NASA and SpaceX have triggered a spike in alien activity, which means that there may be more to come in the following months.

Meanwhile, last month, a mysterious object spotted on Mars was said to be a metal cannonball, which was said to be proof of an ancient alien war. However, the object was already explained by NASA as the product of a process named concretion.

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