Struggling to find a half hour to dedicate toward exercise?

Whether it's light or moderate exercise, a recent study shows that doing 30 minutes of exercise instead of sitting all day could help reduce the risk of deaths linked to heart disease and cancer.

The Importance Of Daily Exercise

Researchers analyzed more than 900 men and women who participated in a study for Attitude-Behavior and Change over the course of 14 and a half years. The data revealed that 80 of the participants had died, 24 of which died from heart disease, 27 from cancer, and 29 from unknown causes of death.

What can decrease the number of deaths linked to heart disease and cancer? The researchers found that even by doing the bare minimum of light to moderate exercise for 10 minutes could reduce the risk of deaths of heart disease by 38 percent in addition to 30 minutes of light exercise, which reduces the odds by 77 percent.

Even the U.S. guidelines show that adult who exercise have a smaller chance of developing chronic diseases that can be found in adults who are inactive. Adults who do two and a half hours of aerobic physical activity each week can gain more health benefits.

The U.S. guidelines advise men and women Aerobic activities, as well as participate in physical activities such as bicycling, brisk walking, playing basketball, dancing, running, and swimming. The benefit of doing aerobic activity makes the heart and cardiovascular system stronger and fitter.

The Health Benefits

Doing physical activity for 5 hours a week from moderate-intensity are substantial. The results show that symptoms of depression, coronary heart disease, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes could improve over time.

People will also experience benefits of doing daily exercise even if splitting into two or three segments of 10 to 15 minutes, according to the American Heart Association.

Other health benefits of doing 30 minutes of exercise per day include managing weight loss, improving overall mood, improving balance, boosts energy levels, and provides a better night sleep.

Keep Track Of Daily Exercise

What are ways to tell the physical activity is enough? People need to make sure the physical activity they do is enough to raise their heart rate, according to Kaiser Permanente.

"Try the talk/sing test: If you can't talk while you exercise, you're working too hard. If you can sing, you need to work harder."

In the past, doctors have found it challenging to get the exact number of time spent doing physical activity. Thanks to using motion trackers, doctors have been able to get a better idea of how much daily physical activity people can achieve.

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