Porsche Brake Squeal Is Apparently A Safety Feature, Not A Defect


Porsche released a video that explains the origin of brake squeals, as the luxury car company apparently looks to prevent further complains on the matter.

While noise coming from the brakes is not something you'd want to hear after purchasing a vehicle for tens of thousands of dollars, it is apparently not something that you should be worried about.

Porsche Brake Squeal Explained

The four-minute video, titled Brake Squeal Explained and uploaded to the official YouTube channel of Porsche, looks more like an advertisement for the luxury car company rather than an education video. However, it does deliver in providing an explanation on why brakes squeal.

In the video, Porsche describes brake squeal as "one decibel-driven disturbance that has been misunderstood for far too long." According to the narrator, car owners often mistake the noise as a problem, but in reality, it should be considered as a normal occurrence.

A car's brakes squeal due to tiny vibrations caused by the friction between the brake rotor and the brake pad that may be amplified by the brake disc and other factors such as temperature, corrosion, and humidity. In addition, because of the high-performance brakes of Porsche vehicles that are bigger compared to other cars, it is difficult to make sure that the braking force is evenly applied all the time. The slightly uneven brake application leads to additional noise.

Cold brakes in any vehicle, not just Porsche cars, results in squealing noises at lower speeds. Essentially, this means that if you hate hearing the noise, you better drive faster.

The video is supported by data in the form of charts, graphs, and 3D renders, which further drive the point home that brake squeals are nothing to be worried about. Well, at least early on in a Porsche vehicle's life.

So Porsche Owners Should Never Worry About Squealing Brakes?

According to Porsche, the brake system of its vehicles "is the epitome of first-in-class automotive excellence." This means that, no, brake squeals do not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with brakes, it means that the brakes are simply working as intended.

The high-end brake system in Porsche vehicles is certainly important, especially when the car needs to slow down from faster speeds. However, this does not mean that Porsche car owners should be complacent that brake squeals never mean a problem. If the squeal sounds really off and you notice any changes in the performance of the brake system, you should have your car checked by trusted mechanic, high-end Porsche model or not.

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