There's an ever-present need to evolve digital security. That's been further accentuated as Social Security numbers, home addresses, salaries and off-the-cuff email conversations continue to pour out of the 27 GB of documents stolen from Sony Pictures Entertainment by yet-to-be identified hackers.

Forward-thinking security measures are obviously needed to protect one's digital life, and the campaigns in this week's Crowd-Fueled Kickstarter Thursday illustrate how innovators are hoping to make that happen.


Conceived by the Hackaday community, Mooltipass is a password keeper that can be an invaluable peripheral for both Luddites and lovers of tech. In a world where digital data is an extension of the mind, Mooltipass seeks to protect individuals' intellectual property and identities from swashbuckling, digital pirates.

"The readers were involved when major decisions needed to be taken, like the project name, for example," Mooltipass initiator and manager, Mathieu Stephan, tells us. "All features were implemented because they chose them. In short, it was originally made by and for the Hackaday community."

Mooltipass enters credential information on behalf of the user, enabling individuals to create highly complex passwords without having to remember them. Unlike software-based password keepers, Mooltipass doesn't leave credentials stored in a device's memory where malware could creep in for a peek. Users have a device and a personal PIN-locked secure smartcard that allows decryption of credentials.

Roughly $3,000 shy of its $109,112 goal, Mooltipass has less than a week left to wrap up a successful campaign. So far, 945 people would like a device that enables them to create and maintain extremely secure passwords and do so without leaving credentials vulnerable to malware.


Serving as a mute, this product is a USB attachment that prevents data from being transferred. Originally called the "USB Condom," SyncStop blocks the wires inside USB cables that carry data and only allows access to those that transfer power.

"This eliminates opportunities to steal your data or install malware on your mobile device," states the campaign. "It is also important to note that simply cutting data lines doesn't work on every device, so we had to build custom circuity to ensure it works for ALL devices."

Apparently, 565 people don't want to contract digitally transmitted viruses and have pushed SyncStop well beyond the campaign's goal of $10,000. As the campaign comes to a close, it has drawn more than $25,000 in pledges from its backers.


Seeking to guard ones and zeros, along with carbon and oxygen molecules, SafeBand is a multipurpose security tool that is packaged as a smart band -- it's also a fitness tracker.

SafeBand leverages a network of minitags, which report back to the wearable tech. When tagged items stray too far away from the band -- kids, pets, purse and other property -- SafeBand receives an alert and wearers can use the wearable's app to track down the targeted item.

The multifaceted smart band also serves as a key for smartphones, laptops and other password-protected devices that support Bluetooth. The SafeBand companion software unlocks the protected devices whenever the smart band is near them.

With just over 10 percent of its $100,000 pledged, SafeBand still has a long way to go to get funded. However, there are still roughly four weeks left in the campaign.

"With this Kickstarter project we're looking for your assistance to finish developing the application and start manufacturing the band that will take care of you and your valuables," states SafeBand's campaign.

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