With Android Oreo Comes Samsung Experience 9.0: Color Lens, Finder, And More New Features Included


It always takes a while before Samsung releases its own custom version of the latest Android software, and Oreo is no exception. But while it takes its time, the features included in the final build are often worth the wait.

Samsung Galaxy S8 owners are closing in on an official Oreo update, as Samsung officially closed the beta program last month. Now, ahead of the rollout of the final, stable version, users are getting another look at the new features included on top of Oreo, which are part of Samsung's custom Samsung Experience 9.0 software, used to go by the name TouchWiz.

Standard fare are features included in Oreo, including picture-in-picture mode, an improved notifications system, and others. But Samsung has also added a lot of new things exclusive to its handsets, which is highlighted in a detailed infographic, as first reported by SamMobile.

Samsung Experience 9.0: Keyboard

First things first: the keyboard, which is getting a new shortcut toolbar just above the main layout, including a button to add GIFs to any message. Users can also opt for a high-contrast keyboard if they want. Finally, the keyboard settings have been simplified for easier configuration.

Samsung Experience 9.0: Finder

Samsung has revamped the Finder on the Apps screen, which now gives quicker and more relevant search results regardless if the user is looking for an app, a contact, a file, or basically anything stored in their phone they want to dig up.

Samsung Experience 9.0: Bixby Briefing

Bixby has been revamped with briefing features. It's now able to update its users with a rundown of the weather once the alarm rings, plus change the background music and colors to suit the overall mood of any given weather.

Samsung Experience 9.0: Color Lens

Color Lens, a new feature, helps people who find difficulty reading text against a white background. It allows users to change the color of their screen to make reading text easier, Samsung explains in the infographic.

Samsung Experience 9.0: Dual Messenger

Dual Messenger allows users to have two accounts and use them simultaneously under the same messaging app on their phone, though these accounts are completely separate.

There are still a lot more features detailed in the infographic that are not here, so make sure to check SamMobile for the full list of additions included in Samsung Experience 9.0. Android Oreo should be rolling out to most recent Samsung devices in the coming months.

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