Iron Sky: The Coming Race - Hitler Riding a T-Rex and Jesus with High-Powered Rifles is too Controversial?


Iron Sky: The Coming Race is a new movie that is scheduled for a 2016 release. The film is expected to feature Hitler riding on a T-Rex while Jesus will be featured as a man wielding high-powered rifles. We're sure such a film will cause some form of controversy, and it would be interesting to see if the studio behind the movie will be forced to make changes.

The teaser trailer with Jesus is absolutely crazy, as it shows the character breaking himself from the cross in an angry manner, then later wielding two machine guns and firing them rapidly. We can't say for sure where this movie is going, or what the story entails, but one thing is for certain, controversy is inbound.

Not many films got away with highlighting Jesus in a violent manner, and we doubt Iron Sky: The Coming Race will be any different. Expect Christians to protest in the streets in hopes to get the film banned though with how the world is changing, we don't believe theaters will force a change in the movie.

From what we have read, though, Iron Sky: The Coming Race is a project that requires in crowd funding, and the villain here is Hitler and his army of dinosaurs. We're guessing there's a possibility of Jesus being the hero in this situation, who is out to help the world put a stop to Hitler and his plans.

We should point out that there was an Iron Sky movie released back in 2012, and it must have created a cult following to warrant a second. It surely didn't make much, because the creators had to turn to the crowd funding route.

It's a crazy film, and we'll be following its progress closely because, well, we think leading up to its official release will be very intriguing.

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