Pop singer Kim Wilde is known for her hit single "Kids In America," which became a No.1 song in the 1980's.

Now she's opening up about her biggest fear.

Wilde's Biggest Fear Is Singing 'Kids In America' In Space

The iconic "You Keep Me Hangin' On" artist recently shared her worst nightmare, being abducted by aliens and forced to sing "Kids In America" in space.

What brought on this fear? The singer says she came into a close encounter with a UFO when she was planting flowers in her garden a few years ago.

"There were a couple of massive lights just above the clouds, going backwards and forwards in an extraordinary way," said Wilde. "Quite a lot of people witnessed them, it made the local papers."

She Saw The UFO The Day After Michael Jackson Died

When Wilde encountered the UFO, she said it happened the day after Michael Jackson died. She described the UFO looking much bigger than an airplane. The singer thought Jackson was coming back to haunt her. Wilde opened up for Jackson during his Bad tour.

She even expressed to her husband that she was worried the captain might be a big fan of "Kids in America" single, would come back to take Earth and bring her back to space.

Like most people who claim to have witnessed an encounter with a UFO, Wilde felt she wasn't the same person.

The 57-year-old goes as far as saying she believes that aliens are already visiting us, watching our every move. She personally feels like she hasn't gone crazy, but she can't stop thinking about her encounter with a UFO, and her worst nightmare of singing "Kids In America" in space.

It is also a great way of gaining attention from the media while marketing her upcoming album, Here Come The Aliens, due to be released next month. Her first album was released more than 20 years.

Other hits by Wilde include "Chequered Love," "You Came," and "Never Trust a Stranger," all hit racks released in the 1980's.

Wilde isn't the only celebrity who claims she encountered a UFO or believes in life outside of Earth. Celebrities such as Peter Andre, Tom DeLonge, and Shaun Ryder all believe in aliens. DeLonge also claims he has strong evidence of people being abducted by aliens.

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