Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch continues to be a popular team-based shooter with great post-launch support since its debut in 2016.

The popularity of its competitive scene prompted organizers to launch the game's first professional eSports tournament. The Overwatch League features 12 teams that will compete against one another to become the first champion for the newly launched tournament. The Shanghai Dragons, one of the participating teams, might welcome the first-ever female player who is known as Geguri.

Roster Changes Incoming

Kim Se-yeon, a professional South Korean player of the team-based FPS, is rumored to join the ranks of the struggling Shanghai Dragons. The Chinese team is reportedly in the process of rebooting its lineup due to performance slump. It is currently in the last place in the competition.

She will be joined by other players like Cheon Ki-hyun from MVP Space and Lee Eui-Seok of Element Mystic, who are both from the same country, as the tank player. Furthermore, another Chinese player is likewise set to complete the new roster before the tournament resumes on Thursday.

First For The League

The Zarya player known as Geguri will become the first female player to join the Overwatch League. Her Shanghai Dragons team currently has a 0:8 standing, with a dismal map win ratio of 6:36. Match analysts have noted that the group's current tank players, Wenhao Jing and Dongjian Wu, are to blame for their team's struggles.

Kim "Geguri" Se-yeon is voted as one of the top off-tank players for Overwatch. She was reportedly accused of cheating in 2016 but was dropped after her live stream demonstration, which showcased what she can really do.

Communication Barrier

If Geguri joins Shanghai Dragons along with the two other South Korean players, communication will be the first thing they need to work on. The majority of the team members speak Mandarin, which will presumably make it difficult for the group to come up with strategies. However, the three are expected to learn some basic words to successfully coordinate with each respective role-player in the team.

Diversity Discussions

Despite normally being a male-dominated landscape, eSports has welcomed professional female players who are great with their respective games. The Overwatch League was reportedly criticized for its lack of diversity due to the absence of women in any of its teams.

Once Geguri's rumored spot with Shanghai Dragons is officially confirmed, the league will officially have its first female competitor. Tournament organizers and the team owners have yet to make an official announcement regarding the new team lineups.

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