The opening week of Overwatch League has come and Blizzard is getting fans into the spirit with a brand new update.

This new update features character skins for every toon in game, which means there will be a total of 312 new skins. Currently the game has 26 characters and now each of these characters will have 12 skins. Of course, these skins come with a cost.

The league skins are worth 100 tokens each but they cannot be acquired from the loot boxes, which is the typical case. Instead, Blizzard has added League Tokens that gamers can use to purchase the skins.

League Tokens may be purchased in bundles ranging from $5, which gives gamers 100 tokens, to $100, which gives them 2,600 tokens.

To get gamers in a buying mood, Blizzard is also giving players a free skin. From now until Feb. 13, gamers who log in will receive 100 free League Tokens, which is equal to one free skin. However, if players want to collect all the skins in a faster way, they would have to pay at least $1,200 to unlock them.

Other Updates

Aside from the massive amounts of skins in the new Overwatch update, there are also a handful of other changes.

Playing with Zenyatta and using the Orbs of Discord and Harmony will now show gamers their target's health bar. Also, Ana's controls have a new setting for Friendly Aim Assist Strength that will help players control the assistance they receive when aiming at teammates.

Console players will see new options such as setting the communication wheel to a single button. They can further change crouching into something that the player must press and hold on the controller.

The update also addressed a wide variety of bugs that needed fixing. These included items that do not display properly when opening a loot box, a change to the voiceline played at the final goal on Eichenwalde, and an issue with Doomfist's Rocket Punch.

The update is currently live on all platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

What Is The Overwatch League?

The Overwatch League is where the sports concept meets video games. The league is an actual professional eSports league overseen by the games creator, Blizzard.

Each year the league plays for a season and each team within the league is sponsored by an owner. Players in the league are given a minimum salary, some benefits, and even a portion of the winnings.

The Overwatch League was introduced back in November 2016. The first 12 teams were established within a year of that. The league's first season will run from January until June.

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