When it comes to online dating, there are plenty of dating apps available on the App Store and Google Play to help find Mr. and Ms. Right, ahead of Valentine's Day.

Bumble, a popular dating service, sat down with Tech Times and discussed the best time to go on the dating app and how to gain attention from the right person.

Bumble Dating App Reveals How To Find Mr. Or Ms. Right

From profile photos to profile descriptions and introductions, there are multiple ways people can attract each other on Bumble. What works best, though?

"Short and sweet messages work best! GIFs also have a disproportionately high response rate as a first message," a Bumble spokesperson, told Tech Times.

"The magic number of photos to get the most matches on Bumble is six photos. The more photos equal more matches! Make sure the first photo you post is a solo photo of yourself, and feel free to post group photos toward the end. Make sure your photos reflect your personality and show you doing something you enjoy," said the Bumble spokesperson.

Sundays Are The Best Days To Use Bumble

"Sunday is also a high activity day on Bumble, which is a good time to get on the app to meet someone. If you're using Bumble app during the week, the best time to send a message is between 8-10 pm," said the Bumble spokesperson.

Last year, Bumble saw more than 500,000 new users joining the dating app for iOS and Android, ahead of Valentine's Day. The spokesperson told Tech Times that the company is expecting that number is predicted to jump to more than 1 million new users within the same time frame.

"Our peak in activity begins a full week before the 14th, during which we see a 10 percent spike in daily users, peaking on Valentine's Day. During the weekend before the holiday, our users experience 23 percent more matches and women initiate conversations with 18 percent more matches," said the Bumble spokesperson.

About Me Section

When it comes to a creating a Bumble profile, it's ideal to make sure the profile comes across as fun. In addition, the About Me section needs to be 15 characters to gain more attention.

"The ideal length is about 15 characters for peak profile popularity - both men and women saw a 27 percent increase in popularity of their profiles when they updated their profile with this type of bio," said the Bumble spokesperson.

The dating app isn't all about hookups.

"We've seen over 20,000 engagements or weddings from couples who've met on Bumble," said the spokesperson. 

Download Bumble dating app from App Store and Google Play. 

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