A new dating app may just be what people need right now. Before you roll your eyes on yet another dating app that will just lead you to fake profiles and awkward first dates, Hater makes sure that you'd definitely have something to talk about on your first date: the things you hate.

Hater is a new unique dating app that matches you with people who strongly dislike the same things you do. It's a unique concept but if you think about it, it just might work. Instead of swiping right or left based on a person's profile or physical appearance, the App offers 3,000 topics for you to have a say on.

Love? Hate? Swipe Up Or Down!

From your choice of dip to slow walkers and politics, the app gives you the chance to weigh in on topics that you could love, like, dislike, or hate. You need only to swipe up or down for love or hate, or swipe left or right for like and dislike. It's that simple.

Naturally, the app will match you based on mutual dislikes and other factors such as location. Should you still feel awkward about your first conversation, Hater has an ice breaker game for both of you that can help you ease in.

Hater was made by Brendan Alper, and his team has been successfully testing the app in New York since last December. So far, the top three likes among users were "my mom," the ocean, and guacamole, while the most hated topics are drain hair, bad sidewalk etiquette, and the 2016 presidential elections — but, of course. Hater is available for free on the Apple Store, and will be available for Android users in the spring.

Why Hater Could Work

It's ironic that a dating app that matches you based on mutual hate could actually find you real love, but apart from the fact that the app has a one-strike policy for bad behavior, they've carefully chosen the topics and do not encourage hatred or bad behaviour. What could likely bring this app success is the idea of removing the initial mask that you have to conceal yourself with, to attract possible partners, something that's difficult to see in current dating sites.

Dating apps have been around for a while now, even before the rise of smartphones. It has since brought many people together from different parts of the world, but at the same time, it has also brought on bad date experiences. With the rise of smartphone use, it's been easier and easier to access these dating sites in hopes of finding a "match." However, the question always remains regarding the truth behind the profile especially since people tend to sugar coat their profiles in order to attract possible dates.

In a world that's centered around the social media culture, it's been difficult to separate the profile from the human being behind it. The growing obsession with "likes" has especially deepened the divide between online life and real life.

Hater may just help eliminate that initial barrier and make it easier to break the ice. On a lighter note, it could just be plain fun.

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