Google Reportedly Plans To Overhaul Android P For iPhone X-Like 'Notch' And More


Google is reportedly planning big changes for the next version of its Android operating system as Android P will support an iPhone X-like "notch" and more.

Android fragmentation is still a real issue in Google's mobile ecosystem, as Android 8.0 Oreo, currently the latest OS version, runs on just 1 percent of Android devices. Nevertheless, despite that new version of Android reaches users with considerable delays, Google still releases a new version each year and now it's already working on Android P.

No official information is available at this point, but a new report from Bloomberg, citing unnamed sources familiar with the matter, now reveals some details regarding what to expect from Android P.

Android P To Favor iPhone X-Like 'Notch'

First of all, Android P reportedly aims to improve how the software looks so that it would be more appealing to current iPhone owners and maybe convince them to switch over to the Android team. More intriguing, however, are claims that Google plans to design its Android P to better integrate iPhone X-like camera notches and other such sensors, which would play nicer with devices sporting ultra-thin bezels.

There's a growing trend of devices with large displays and minimal bezels, so it would make sense for Google to make some changes in Android P to better support such devices. At the same time, the next version of Android will reportedly play nice with various form factors, such as devices with foldable displays or multiple displays.

Deeper Google Assistant Integration

In addition to the visual overhaul and the "notch" optimization, a deeper Google Assistant integration is reportedly in the cards as well for Android P. According to Bloomberg, Google is even considering to let third-party app developers integrate Google Assistant into their apps.

For instance, the Google search bar on a device's home screen could also integrate the Google Assistant. On the other hand, Google has reportedly not made any final decision just yet, so these features may or may not make it to Android P. It's still early to tell as the next version of Android is still a few good months away.

Google could announce an Android P developer preview sometime next month, then offer more details about the OS at the Google I/O 2018 conference in May. However, the final version of the OS will not hit the scene until the fall.

The company has made no comment yet on Android P rumors and expectations.

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