'Kingdom Come: Deliverance' Day One Patch For Consoles Is 23 GB: Here's The Explanation


The long-awaited historical RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance is finally out, but PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners will need to wait a little bit more before they are able to play the game due to a massive day-one patch.

The day-one patch comes in at a whopping 23 GB, a size that raised questions among gamers who have been waiting for Kingdom Come: Deliverance for four years since its Kickstarter campaign was launched.

'Kingdom Come: Deliverance' Comes With 23 GB Day-One Patch On Consoles

Eager PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players who load Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be met with a hefty 23 GB day-one patch before they can start with the game.

The inclusions in the massive patch are several new events to the open-world scenarios, improvements in dialogue animations, rebalanced money and experience gains, rebalanced armor and weapon stats, improvements to combat, improvements to NPC reaction times, adjustments to sound propagation, enabling archery in stealth mode, improvements to the persuasion user interface, and other bug fixes.

Some gamers took to the Resetera forum to try to figure out why the download was so huge. There was speculation that the download was actually the game itself, a theory that was supported by claims that the physical disc of Kingdom Come: Deliverance for consoles allegedly only contained 100 MB of data.

Why Is The 'Kingdom Come: Deliverance' Day-One Patch So Big?

Will Powers, the public relations representative of publisher Deep Silver, denied the claims that the physical disc of Kingdom Come: Deliverance contained only 100 MB. He assured players that the game will be installed from the CD before the download of the day-one patch kicks in.

As for the size of the day-one patch, developer Warhorse Studios explained that for console games, the release versions need to be submitted about three months before the actual launch date. After submitting Kingdom Come: Deliverance to meet the deadline, the developer did not rest over the three-month wait or created DLC that it could sell to players. Instead, Warhorse Studios kept working on improvements for the game.

The improvements that Warhorse Studios created over the three-month period are the contents of the day-one patch, which is huge because a significant amount of data in the supposed release version was replaced.

"At a hefty size, it's going to take some time and it's a shame. Still, we strongly believe that after a four year wait, it will pay off to wait a little bit longer while the Day 1 patch is downloading. Trust me, it will deliver the awesome experience YOU deserve!" the studio said.

The explanation certainly makes sense, but for players on capped data plans, you might want to download the day-one patch somewhere else.

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