Sorry, 'Metal Gear' Fans: 'Metal Gear Solid HD Collection' For The PS4 Was Just A Typo


A recent rumor involving Konami's Metal Gear Solid franchise excites fans of the popular series as Reddit users spotted information on a possible a PS4 port.

According to those sources, they noticed that Armature Studios, the developers that handled the PlayStation Vita port of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, listed a PlayStation 4 port under its official portfolio. The listing suggests that the stealth-based action game is on its way to Sony's current-generation console.

Unfortunately, the game studio officially confirmed that it was a typo and it is not under development as of the moment.

Studio Admits Error

Sources confirmed that several news outlets immediately reported about the game's supposed arrival on the Sony console. Jonathan Zamkoff, Armature Studios' head of business development confirmed that it was a mistake. Consequently, it also does not mean that the company might be contracted to work on a new game under the same franchise.

"Unfortunately this was simply a typo by one of our web developers and is neither a leak or indication that a new MGS HD Collection is coming to the PS4. Or that Armature is working on any new MGS games," explained Zamkoff.

Current Project

As of now, Konami's latest entry in the long-running series is set to launch this month. Metal Gear Survive oddly departs from the familiar tactical-espionage approach of the previous games in favor of an action-oriented zombie horde-style gameplay.

It strangely appears similar to Epic Games Fortnite Save The World game mode wherein players build structures to protect their base from waves of enemies. Even before its release, fans supposedly bombard the game studio with complaints regarding the theme and gameplay of the latest installment.

Furthermore, some are apparently outraged that the company continued the franchise without Hideo Kojima. It would be interesting to see how well the gaming community responds to the new game when it launches on Feb. 22.

Given that Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for the PS4 was an error, it seems like some gamers might want to give the new game a chance instead.

Secret Ending Triggered For PR

More than a week ago, Konami made the headlines as reports confirmed that the PC version of Metal Gear Solid V unintentionally activated a secret cutscene event. Ever since the game launched for all platforms, dedicated players continued to participate in the online meta-game in a race to disarm all in-game nuclear weapons.

To everyone's surprise, when players logged in online to access their respective forward bases, the secret ending activated for all PC players of the game. Technically, the game was not supposed to trigger the ending given that there were still nuclear weapons active throughout the title. This led to some gamers speculating that the developer intentionally activated the ending to switch people's focus to its upcoming Metal Gear Survive.

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