Sometimes the news can really get you down. It's always about war. Or forced rectal feeding. Or crazy people eating other people's rabbits. Where is the good in the world?

Apparently it's in Norway, where this heroic man saw a duck trapped in a frozen lake, moments away from death and declared "Not today." What follows is incredible. Now we have no actual way of knowing if this guy is from Norway or not. All we have are a few images uploaded to Imgur titled "Norwegian man saving a duck" to go by, but what those pictures show is amazing.

In the first picture, a duck is very much stuck in ice. How exactly it got there is unclear, but numerous users on Reddit point out that ducks dive down into bodies of water for food. This duck might have dove into the lake, and when attempting to resurface, found itself trapped under a sheet of ice.

The second picture shows a man swimming in what can only be described as death-inducing cold waters to fish the duck out, while the third image shows the duck safely on a piece of concrete as the man climbs out of the water. Turns out UhtredofBebbanburg might be as brave as his namesake.   

Finally, we see duck and man together, safe and warm. Look at this guy -- he's smiling from ear to ear. It takes a special kind of person to risk their life by diving into ice-cold water to save an innocent duck. Call him a hero or just downright crazy, but maybe we could use more Norwegians in the world.

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