Fans of Fortnite: Battle Royale has something to celebrate — free items courtesy of Sony PlayStation 4. The freebies are waiting to be claimed on the PlayStation Store starting Feb. 15.

The good news though is not for everyone. It is a PS4 exclusive, meaning only Fortnite gamers on the console can access the free skin or outfit and a glider. This is true for those enlisted in the PlayStation Plus circle and the special offer went live at the start of the month but strangely with no advisory coming from the PS Plus people.

For now, there is no indication the free items, officially labeled as the PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack, will be replicated in other platforms. No word yet from Epic Games if PC and Xbox One players will eventually get the same treats but as far as the PS4 crowd is concerned, the items are ready for the taking.

It's important to note that the glider and the outfit, which cannot be bought or obtained from anywhere else, will be made available at a limited time but there is no need to rush. It appears that the PS Store will continue to carry the free items until February 2019, indicating that Fortnite fans have many months to claim the gifts.

The Fortnite free items are part of the exciting perks enjoyed by subscribers of the PS Plus service at the PlayStation Store. It's not usual that freebies are extended to members and the benefits range from game cosmetic items to actual access on certain game titles, all free of charge.

Upcoming Fortnite Update And Developments

Interestingly, the Fortnite bonus items dropped ahead of the many improvements that Epic said will certainly deliver rock-solid stability and exciting gameplay to the free-to-play game title.

On the stability front, Epic Games said concrete steps are being undertaken to identify the root cause of Fortnite's performance glitches. The problem will be resolved at the soonest, as the game studio assured of enhanced real-time support, especially during the weekends when the server traffic is at heaviest level.

In addition, the game studio revealed plans to further optimize the Fortnite database and servers in hope of mitigating performance issues in the future.

Epic also vowed to implement operational adjustments that the company hopes would lead to smoother development of games, Fortnite including, and laser-focused operation. The plan is now underway to expand on the monitoring system, institute performance reviews, and regular checks of API patterns, which are proactive measures to achieve system stability and better gameplay, the company said.

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