TD Bank Fails Website Upgrade, Has Left Customers In The Dark Since Feb. 12


TD Bank's rollout of their new banking platform is not going well, as many customers have spent five days without online account access.

While they like to be called "America's Most Convenient Bank" in promotional materials, TD Bank's new glitch-filled online platform has been anything but convenient for their customers. And after several days, there appears to be no resolution in sight.

The Upgrade

During the weekend of Feb. 10-11, TD Bank upgraded their online banking platform to enhance features, improve usability, and update their security. Accounts were unavailable during the upgrade, but customers were informed that they could access their accounts by Monday, Feb. 12.

Once Monday arrived, many TD Bank customers still lacked access to their accounts on the website or on the bank's app.

"Using online banking has never been easier for TD Bank customers," a TD Bank spokesperson in a video touting their new online platform said. "Get access to your accounts anytime, anywhere."

As of Feb. 16, TD Bank's online banking platform and app both remain inaccessible. When many customers attempted to login, they were prompted with an error message from TD Bank.

"Hmm, something didn't work that time," TD Bank's error message read. "Please try again, because this was probably just one of those system hiccups."

Customers Speak Out

Frustrated customers flooded TD Bank's customer service phone lines almost immediately on Monday. There were so many calls that some customers reportedly heard a fast busy tone.

With a congested customer service hotline, people started to reach out to TD Bank on social media. They complained about glitches that prevented them from logging into their accounts and long waits on their customer service phone line.

"We're working diligently to resolve this issues as quickly as possible," TD Bank tweeted as a response to one frustrated customers. "Currently, we do not have an ETA."

No End In Sight

Although the upgrade on TD Bank's website is complete, it still remains largely inaccessible for customers. As a response to their website's technical nightmare, TD Bank issued a message on their platform.

"Thanks for your patience while we worked to bring you the new and improved experience you deserve," TD Bank wrote on their website.

As for errors on the app, TD Bank suggests that customers update it if they experience problems.

"TD Bank conducted an upgrade to our online banking systems to enhance our customers' online and mobile banking experience," a representative from TD Bank told Tech Times. "We are working diligently to provide a consistent customer experience to everyone. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our customers. When the upgrade is complete, we will provide our customers with an improved online and mobile experience through intuitive navigation, useful tools, and improved security features."

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